Criticism of ECJ’s decision on recording of working hours of soldiers

Criticism of ECJ's decision on recording of working hours of soldiers

“Always ready for action” is a basic understanding of soldiers in the French Army. But the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) could end the model of sustained readiness to act. That’s what the president fears Emmanuel Macron, who said goodbye to Chief of Staff Fran├žois Lecointeur in Paris on Wednesday. The new Chief of Staff, Thierry Burkhard, is faced with the challenge of having soldiers sworn in to record time. This is what the Court of Justice wants, ruling on 15 July that military personnel are not exempt in principle from the EU Working Time Directive. In the future, soldiers will be required to record their working hours for certain activities and may not work more than 48 hours per week.

“A fatal blow to our defence,” exclaimed former Defense Minister Jean-Pierre Chevenment. former Prime Minister Edward Philip Philip “The whole model of operational capability of our armed forces and our military culture is at risk”. “I am an ardent European, but if the European route rejects and weakens our defensive strength, we will not give up,” Macron said, warning the president in his traditional address to the armed forces shortly before the decision. National Day. According to the constitution, Supreme Army Chief Macron said, “We have defended our position and will stand to the end.” He said Defense Minister Florence Parly took a more cautious voice: He would have the results of the military’s investigation.

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