Criticized RTL II – Outrage after the “Women Swap” episode: Viewers Showers

Criticized RTL II - Outrage after the "Women Swap" episode: Viewers Showers

Sevgi watches Inga’s video message in “Woman Swap”. Image: RTL II


Criticism RTL II – Outrage after episode “Women Swap”: Broadcaster Response

The trash format “Frauentosh” has been running on RTL II since 2003, and the station is currently showing several episodes a day. Violent arguments are not uncommon when candidates run another woman’s home, but last Tuesday night featured an incident that clearly crossed the limits: Participant Sevagi drew attention through anti-gay statements several times – Monday was the International Day Against Homo-, B-, Inter- and Transphobia.

The telecast is a replay of an older episode, though the timing could hardly have been worse. The content was not classified as part of the broadcast. After this, some users came to know about this in the social network and expressed their displeasure. Meanwhile, the episode has been removed from TVNow, as a broadcaster spokesperson told Watson. RTL II distances itself from homophobic material.

“Woman swapping” candidate created panic

Woman Swap episode 356 from season 16 features mother of two Inga and 21-year-old Sevgi in the foreground. Sevgi is still holding on with her secondary school leaving certificate and lets her luxurious lifestyle go from her Parents Finance. Inga on the other hand is older after her divorce from her husband Love Found in another woman: Tina.

On the first day there was an argument between Sevgi and Inga’s partner Tina. Image: RTL II

During the episode, Sevgi makes no secret about his homophobic attitude. Lesbian relation She is clearly a thorn in the side between Tina and Inga, she does not back down from strong expressions. RTL II has shown 2013 episodes multiple times over the years and has repeatedly received negative feedback social media.

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So it was this time too – especially keeping in mind the International Day against Homo-, Bi-, Inter- and Transphobia. “Underground” reads here Twitter For example, a clear conclusion in the direction of RTL II.

Homophobia in “Frauentosh”: RTL II interferes

The fan Von “Frauentosh” has the opportunity to catch the show later on the streaming service TVNow after missing shows. Many episodes of the last few years can be seen there. However, the version with Sevgi and Inga is currently missing there. A spokesperson for RTL II has now confirmed to Watson that the episode has been dropped. On request it says:

“The fact that contributors’ comments were given an area without classification and we are sorry. We have blocked any use-related episode. It will not be shown on our platforms either in full or in part, And TVNow was also shown offline yesterday. “

Hence it can be assumed that the episode will no longer run in the regular RTL II schedule.

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