Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 and Xbox One has major problems

Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 and Xbox One has major problems

CD Projekt Red’s highly-anticipated open world RPG, Cyberpunk 2077, is now out in the hands of the public — and players are logging in to find an extremely unoptimized experience on last generation consoles.

Clips showcasing glitches, frame rate issues, major pop in and more have started going viral on social media, though it’s unclear if these all these Cyberpunk players are trying the game with the day zero patch. After all, some fans found ways to play the game early through methods like changing their consoles’ time zone. Developers CD Projekt Red say that, if you preloaded the game beforehand, then what you boot up from the get go already has the day one patch. As the launch night unfolds, more footage has emerged reiterating the same types of problems.

Polygon watched a couple of dozen livestreams showcasing base PS4 and Xbox One gameplay, along with the beefier versions of each console, and we saw a number of crashes, choppy gameplay, freezes, strangely geometric NPCs, and more. While some of what’s most visible on social around right now showcases fans who aren’t playing with the day one patch, technical hiccups of some variety or other seem pervasive on all versions of the older consoles based on what we’ve seen on platforms like Twitch and YouTube Live. Reports on forums like Reddit further corroborate the existence of last gen woes.

Fans who are trying the game on PC, meanwhile — especially top-of-the-line rigs — seem to be faring okay, based on what we could see on livestreams. At least, compared to the older generation of consoles. There are reports of trees and bushes appearing clipping through things on PC, but it seems that updating your drivers will take care of the issue. But there are still fans who say that, even on PC, things aren’t always running smoothly.

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Early reviewers, it’s worth noting, were all provided PC code of the game. While some reviewers found glitches, most reports did not note anything on the level of what’s being shared on social media right now. During one Xbox One stream, Polygon saw a player complain because a car appeared out of nowhere, causing them to crash. Another player Xbox One had to restart their game after trying to fast forward through dialogue — something that happened more than once during the broadcast. The game seems to struggle the most when running during open-world segments.

All this said, not all glitches that fans are experiencing right now are game-breaking. Curiously, some fans are finding that the infamous penis models sometimes clip through your character’s clothes. (NSFW warning on that link!)

Still, problem is big enough that, in short order, the gaming community has turned it all into a meme. The format has fans upload images of PS1, PS2, or N64 games with the strong viral language used to criticize the console version of Cyberpunk. Rather than despairing, some players have decided to embrace the dark humor of trying to run a new game on a 7-year-old console.

CD Projekt Red did not respond in time for publication. Prior to release, the studio was reported to have undergone extensive crunch time, even after repeatedly promising that it would not force its workers to do so.

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