“Dance Tango With Me”: An “Annoying” Reunion with Gebohm

"Dance Tango With Me": An "Annoying" Reunion with Gebohm

In the TV movie “Tanze Tango Might Mir”, Gab Dohm comes out of the swimming pool in jeans and a small blouse and, in his role as “Ingrid”, first complains about his son-in-law, who is his According to his taste, the far side is parked. “All women are raised in front of the swimming pool. she complains. And in other cases, his environment is not easy with him.

Mum-in-Ingrid is not sympathetic, but viewers may look forward to a spectacular “annoying” reunion with Gabby Dohm. Since 1964, the actress can be regularly seen on screen, most recently in “Tramaskif” and “The Nanny – Canada Canada”. Most viewers will remember her as Sister Krista as Mother Superior Louise von Beilheim in the JDF series “Black Forest Clinic”.

What is “Dance Tango With Me”?

The title already eludes him. The story is about the love of tango. It is Frank who is infected with dance fever and therefore does everything for his new found passion. He is certainly not a classic candidate for the sport. He has just suffered a heart attack, is quite fat and leads a small bourgeois life. And how does one get a passion for tango?

A tango dance group is rehearsing at the theater where Frank performs the work of Coolie. In the solitude of Coolie’s Lodge, Frank took his first tango steps and developed an unprecedented fascination for the art of dance. It goes without saying that his friends and family cannot do much with this love. Frank takes dance lessons anyway, but hides from his wife and daughter.

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At some point he secretly comes to light and gets into a lot of trouble as the dance is endangering his health and neglecting his family. He has to leave the apartment and go with his exhausted mother-in-law Ingrid (Gabi Dohm).

“Dance Tango With Me” is on today, March 10, 21 at 8.15pm at ERSTE. The film is already available in the ARD Media Library.

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