Dawnstar’s Skyrim City Looks So Real, Thanks to Unreal Engine 5, It Chills Me

Dawnstar's Skyrim City Looks So Real, Thanks to Unreal Engine 5, It Chills Me

Dawnstar looks so real that we go cold when we see it!

With Unreal Engine 5, scenes can be made so real that we can hardly distinguish them from reality. Some tech demos or fan trailers have already shown what can be done with the UE5. Even old classics like TLOZ: Ocarina of Time or even the announced Bloodborne 2 won’t look incredible with UE5.

A new fan trailer now captures the already age-old The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and adds such a realistic-looking city to Unreal Engine 5 that we already know where we’d like to spend our next winter vacation.

Skyrim gets more realistic than ever in Unreal Engine 5

In a short Reddit clip, user Liontowers3d shows us how the inconspicuous town of Dawnstar becomes a true winter paradise. The village consists of several wooden huts surrounded by a snow-capped mountain range, between which there is a small gorge in the water:

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what to see The water has realistic light reflections and the mountains look like they’re out of a winter wonderland through the mist. Even fish hanging out in the cold seem to be freshly caught. Only the ship is missing on the pier.

The grand finale is the city of Dawnstar at night. The northern lights can be seen in the sky, becoming a beautiful natural spectacle in Unreal Engine 5. The user says that it took him several weeks to make the clip. But we think the work really paid off.

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Some of the games that are currently being developed with Unreal Engine 5 can be found at:

The comments below the clip also reflect the fact that most users are really excited about the short fan trailer. However, many people don’t mind that Skyrim has its current form, as many people still have their old glasses.

The video gives hope for the upcoming The Elder Scrolls 6, which is currently being developed using the official Creation Engine. But it will take some time for TES 6 to be released. First, the science-fiction adventure Starfield will find its way to us.

Which video game would you like to see in Unreal Engine 5?

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