Diablo Immortal enters closed beta in Canada and Australia tonight

Diablo Immortal enters closed beta in Canada and Australia tonight

Correction: October 28, 2021, at 6:21 pm:
Unfortunately, Blizzard did not contact us until we posted this message. sentThat beta stage is not available for Europe. We had to adjust the message later and we apologize for the mistake.

Updated message:
Last year we were able to play Diablo Immortal for the first time, and Blizzard has made many changes since then. Selected Android users in Canada and Australia will be able to try out some of these advances as part of a closed beta tomorrow, as Blizzard just announced. Players are not allowed on iOS devices for this stage, but the test servers are ready at 2am. We don’t know how long you can play or how you can register for it.

What Blizzard told us, however, is that players can get up close and personal with the Necromancer—a popular class of summoners. This iteration of Diablo Immortal will have adjustments in PvE activity “The Heliquary” And battlefield leaderboards are being introduced so PvP fans have a reason to test their skills. pvp activity “Circle of Struggle” The most widely modified was:

This clan is at the height of controversy “Immortal Challenge”, in which 30 best “Shadow”– designated players against singles “Amar” Competition. The best player on the entire server is specially strengthened to battle, but if Shadow is victorious, a new, server-wide immortal is chosen. However, if the immortal wins, the Circle of Strive will remain unchanged.

Players in Canada and Australia will be able to operate Diablo Immortal with the controller for the first time as part of this beta. Unfortunately menu navigation is still limited to the touchscreen, but in the future you’ll be able to do skills and movements with the control stick. Xbox devices (including Xbox Adaptive Controller) and Dualshock 4 are currently compatible with the game.

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The closed beta phase will include paid content, including battle passes and other items (we don’t know what they are). According to Blizzard, all purchases made at this level will be removed before the game officially starts, but the money spent will be refunded to your Blizzard account in the same amount as on the day of publication.

There’s no specific start time for the final game yet, as developers will use data from the beta to coordinate further production. According to the current plan, Diablo Immortal should still appear in the first half of 2022.

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