Did the Royal Navy want to take Russia out of Crimea?

Did the Royal Navy want to take Russia out of Crimea?

aA day after the still-puzzling events in the Black Sea, British security experts realized the Royal Navy was deliberately trying to send a signal. While official statements referred to a “regular transit” on a normal route, British correspondents aboard HMS Defender insisted that the destroyer had taken a course by the Russian-occupied Crimea peninsula “deliberately” close to the Ukrainian coast in 2014. correspondent of daily Mail The distance to the coast is estimated to be three kilometers. “We clearly annoyed the Russian bear, and it excited back.”

Gerhard Gnouk

Political correspondent for Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania based in Warsaw.

Defense Committee chairman Tobias Ellwood defended the action on Thursday alongside Britain’s right to protect international shipping lanes. But he also issued a warning: “We must recognize that this is a dangerous sport.” HMS Defender belonged to a naval formation currently en route to the South China Sea, and – along with the Dutch frigate HNLMS Evertsen – set aside for the mission.

A few days before the incident, the British destroyer was the scene of a military-diplomatic signing ceremony: on board, government representatives from Ukraine met with British politicians, including a Secretary of State from the Ministry of Defense, to sign a cooperation agreement. In this, Great Britain has pledged to help Ukraine build its navy. London also wants to support the country in the construction of new patrol boats, the rehabilitation of shipyards and the construction of naval bases on the Black Sea and the Azov Sea – a tributary of the Black Sea east of Crimea.

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“claim the right to live there”

The British Embassy in Ukraine made sure the presence of HMS Defender went unnoticed and posted online a photo of the destroyer in front of Odessa. The Times speculated in an editorial that NATO ships wanted to show solidarity with Ukraine not only in its conflict with Russia, but also to conduct reconnaissance at the Russian naval base in Sevastopol. The intention of the mission was to “exercise the right to be there”.

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