Dirty Screen Effect – It’s Behind the Faux Colors on TV

Dirty Screen Effect - It's Behind the Faux Colors on TV

Dirty Screen Effect, also known as DSE for short, describes an image artifact that is nowadays superficial. LED and LCD TV occur. Older TV models that are still plasma TVs may also be affected. This image error results in a spotty display with impure colors. As a result the quality of the victim display tv pictures,

How does the dirty screen effect manifest itself?

Dirty screen effects can take a variety of forms. The most famous appearance is blurry TV images with faux colors, for which the image artifact is named. In addition to spots, even lines, broad stripes, and in some cases a so-called vignetting (slight darkening towards the corners of the TV picture) may also appear. The decisive factor for the Dirty Screen effect is that the error remains in the same places in the image. So if the displayed image changes, dark or light areas can always be seen in the same place as in the previous display.

How does the Dirty Screen Effect come about?

The dirty screen effect occurs especially frequently where large patches of the same color are shown on the display. These may include soccer games, ice hockey games or similar sporting events. In these cases, the grass may appear as separate patches of color on different parts of the screen, all striking at different levels of brightness. Several factors occur during the manufacturing processes of a panel that can result in a dirty screen effect. Typical defect candidates for this are uneven distribution of the backlight or a different TFT switching for different sub-pixels. Theoretically, a change in conductivity and several other technical characteristics could also be behind the problem.

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Transport damage also to the concerned TV reasons are considered. However, they all have a common theme that is often present in other image artifacts as well – a dissonance in the final illumination of the screen. There is no single cause for the dirty screen effect, as a similar error pattern can occur for a number of reasons. that too can repair a Television With the dirty screen effect, because so many different possibilities have to be ruled out.

Can the Dirty Screen Effect be fixed?

Since the problem of dirty screen effect is in uneven illumination from the backlight, the problem can be solved by TV Hardly fix it on its own. The reason for this lies only in the hardware components, so that the individual owner can do little against it in their living room. Theoretically, repair by the manufacturer would be possible, but it often pays off. cheap tv models No. The magnitude of the effect can be reduced by lowering the brightness and contrast settings on the television, but it will also reduce the overall quality of the picture displayed. So if you experience a dirty screen effect, the only way to get rid of it is to buy a different TV or have it repaired.

Unfortunately, this image error, like many similar phenomena, is not understood by the manufacturers as a technical fault in the device. Thus, dirty screen effect is rarely considered as a warranty matter. If you want to rely on an exchange during its warranty period, you must expect a certain amount of goodwill from the manufacturer. Or, however, it is so obvious that there is undoubtedly a significant technical flaw behind it.

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Which televisions are affected by the effect?

In general, unfortunately, no LCD TV is completely protected from this phenomenon. However, the risk is higher in cheap devices, similar to devices that occur cloud effect Feather corner LED model. Even with high-quality equipment, there can always be exceptions. However, as customers invest more money here, manufacturers are more interested in more detailed quality assurance. So the risk of getting affected by higher quality models is on average less than that of cheaper televisions. However, this does not mean that every cheap TV model is automatically affected by the dirty screen effect.

A dirty screen effect could theoretically also happen a OLED TV This can happen due to a technical fault with the individual pixel or when these are turned on and off. Likely an OLEDTV Affects, but rarely, because individual LEDs, which are turned on and off independently of each other, may not cause the same problems of uneven illumination as with TVs with backlighting.

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