Dmitry Muratov: attack on Russian Nobel Peace Prize laureate – Politics Abroad

Dmitry Muratov: attack on Russian Nobel Peace Prize laureate - Politics Abroad

What a cowardly attack…

Russian Nobel Peace Prize laureate and journalist Dmitry Murato, 60, says he was attacked with a liquid by an unidentified person. The editor-in-chief of the independent newspaper “Novaya Gazeta” was sprayed with red liquid on a train from Moscow to Samara (in southeastern Russia) on Thursday, the newspaper said on Telegram.

“He poured oil with acetone into the paint cans. My eyes are burning a lot, ”said Muratov in the statement. The unknown assailant shouted, “Muratov, this is for our boys.”

The message was accompanied by two pictures that Muratov apparently took himself. One probably showed him in the mirror of the toilet of the train, his face, torso and arms covered in red. The second picture showed a train compartment in which a large amount of red liquid was sprayed.

The Novaya Gazeta, the most important independent newspaper in Russia, suspended publication in late March for the duration of the Russian military operation in Ukraine. The newspaper was repeatedly warned by media regulator Roskomnadzor for reporting on the military action.

On Thursday, journalists exiled from the newspaper announced the launch of a new newspaper called Novaya Gazeta. Europe ”in several languages. It is not a branch of Novaya Gazeta, but an independent initiative.

Muratov was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last year for his services to freedom of expression.

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