Do I have to declare a midi job in my tax return?

Do I have to declare a midi job in my tax return?

Every week, T-Online answers questions about pensions with selected experts. TODAY: Is my midi job on my tax return?

Spouses earning income from an activity using a combination of tax classes 3 and 5 are obligated to file an income tax return—even if only one spouse works.

“By the way, the tax office already knows your income from MIDI job because the employer is obliged to send the income tax certificate to the tax office for this,” the expert continued.

Daniela Carbe-Gesler, Union of Taxpayers

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The basis of tax assessment is the so-called taxable income. This results in the difference between the income and contributions borne by the employee for health, nursing care and pension insurance.

“The cost of medical expenses can also be taken into account,” says Karbe-Gesler. A tax payable if the taxable income is above the basic tax allowance for the spouse is 20,694 euros in 2022.

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