Donald Trump: Confidante Thomas Barrack arrested for lobbying for Emirates

Donald Trump: Confidante Thomas Barrack arrested for lobbying for Emirates

a friend of a former US president Donald TrumpThomas Barracks has been accused of improper lobbying on behalf of the United Arab Emirates. The Justice Department said Tuesday that Barracks, who played a central role in organizing Trump’s inauguration in 2017, had promoted the emirate without disclosing their relationship. According to media reports, the 74-year-old was arrested.

Barracks’ covert activity as an advocate of the policies of a foreign government was tantamount to a “betrayal” of his American counterparts, “including the former president,” the judiciary said. From April 2016 to April 2018, Barracks and two co-defendants used their friendship and that of the candidate and later President Trump, government agencies and the media to promote foreign interests. Barracks is also accused of obstructing justice and giving false testimony.

Strict rules for lobbying

is lobbying for foreign interests America Not punishable per se, but there are precise rules for mandatory disclosure of such activity. Violations can result in up to five years in prison. “US citizens have a right to know when foreign governments or their agents are trying to influence our government,” a senior federal police officer said. FBI, William Sweeney. This is even more true in an election year, he said.

According to the indictment, Barracks was an “informal adviser” to Trump in 2016; From November, the barracks, known as a large party donor, was responsible for organizing the inauguration. Washington Responsible. The investor is one of Trump’s oldest and best friends. An important part of his role was fundraising – He earned $107 million.

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“As of January 2017, Barracks was informally advising senior US government officials on US policy issues in the Middle East,” the indictment said. Barracks – whose grandparents came from Lebanon – also applied for a position as envoy to the Middle East after a change of government. In September 2017, at the behest of the emirate, Barracks tried to prevent Trump from holding a summit at Camp David to protest the blockade of the Gulf states in dispute. Queue to convey. “The summit never happened,” the Justice Department declared.

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