Donald Trump – Electoral fraud attempt: US Department of Justice launches investigation against potential Trump supporters

Donald Trump - Electoral fraud attempt: US Department of Justice launches investigation against potential Trump supporters

Joe Biden Is the elected president of America. Former american president Donald Trump Long had not accepted it – and tried to challenge the election result after the US election in November. Trump also tried legal methods. The US Department of Justice now wants an internal investigation into whether government officials have supported it. The inspector general of the ministry, Michael Horowitz, said that in a message Announced.

Horowitz has wanted to investigate whether former or still-employed employees of the judicial ministry were “involved in unreasonable efforts” to change the post-election result. Investigations should go in all directions, but should be limited to your home only. Employees of other ministries will not be investigated.

The decision to start an investigation is based on a report New York Times “. The American newspaper cited several witnesses alleging that lawyer Jeffrey Clarke illegally won Trump through an official rogue Georgia should help. The plot, which the Washington Post reported would be evidence of Trump’s efforts to abuse the Justice Department for his own purposes.

False claims, dangerous phone calls

According to a New York Times report, the plan looked like this: because one after the other Resignation of William Barr In December, Acting Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen also refused to bend to the right, he would be replaced by Clarke. This should then ensure that Trump is declared the winner in the state. Clarke refuses to participate in an attempt to impeach Rosen.

Inspector General Horowitz now has to find out how far Trump’s efforts went and get confidants in the Ministry of Justice.

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Trump and his camp had repeatedly claimed that Democrats’ narrow victory in the state was based on fraud. In one of “Washington Post” The published audio recording can be heard of how Trump came in a phone to Election Officer, Brad Raffensper, 11,780 votes pressured to “find”. Ultimately, Trump was unable to provide any evidence for his claims, with all of his lawsuits dismissed by the courts.

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