Donald Trump: The Chief Financial Officer of His Company Could Be Key Person in an Investigation

Donald Trump: The Chief Financial Officer of His Company Could Be Key Person in an Investigation

The chief financial officer of the Trump Organization is said to have disclosed his personal bank records. As a witness, he could pursue the investigation against Donald Trump.

New York / Frankfurt – Prosecutors in Manhattan who are investigating former President Donald Trump and his company, the “Trump Organization”, the company’s chief financial officer, Alan H.W. Wesselberg wants to persuade him to cooperate. He has requested his personal bank documents and is questioning the gifts that he and his family have received from Donald Trump, as reported by the New York Times on Wednesday (March 31, 2021).

73-year-old Alan H. Weiselberg has not yet been accused of any wrongdoing. In recent weeks, however, it has become the focus of fraud investigations in the “Trump Organization” case. For decades, under the leadership of Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump, Weiselberg managed the company’s finances. As a result, they may have important information that could lead to criminal proceedings in New York against former President Donald Trump and his family business.

Investigation against Donald Trump: Chief Financial Officer Weiselberg should be moved to cooperate

Donald Trump’s company has been targeted by government lawyers since November 2020 on suspicion of banking and insurance fraud, tax evasion and manipulation of business results. Among other things, it investigates whether Donald Trump and his company have mis-manipulated property values ​​to obtain loans and tax breaks. The investigation focuses on some of Trump’s best-known properties: the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, the Trump Hotel in New York and Chicago, and the Seven Springs Estate in Westchester County.

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It is still unclear whether Ellen H. Whether or not Vesselberg is willing to cooperate with government counsel. Neither he, nor his lawyer, or Manhattan lawyers have made a statement so far. However, should a possible wrongdoing be uncovered during a review of his bank records, prosecutors can use this information against Weiselberg and pressure him to cooperate. With the help of Weiselberg, he hopes to gain deep insight into the Trump Organization.

Donald Trump requests a lot of documents – in focus of investigation

Despite this, the Office of the Government Counsel will request additional internal documents. Including the general builder of many of the company’s assets that were not handed over to the prosecutor’s office in 2020. The ledger records the exact financial position of a company, including daily income and bank checks.

If prosecutors receive this information, they can compare the information there with that made available to their creditors and local tax authorities by the Trump Organization. In this way it can be determined what is the difference and thus fraud. Trump previously stated that his tax returns were “presented by one of the largest and most prestigious law and accounting firms in the United States.” Documents from several banks, including JPMorgan Chase and Capital One, with which Donald Trump had an account, have also been requested.

Allegations of fraud in Donald Trump’s organization – credit institutions cooperate

Recently, Attorney General Cyrus R. There were major developments in the investigation after Vance Jr.’s office obtained Donald Trump’s tax records and other underlying financial documents in February. Due to major opposition to Trump, the files were released only after a legal battle ended in a ruling by the United States Supreme Court. In addition to potential tax and bank fraud involving Trump real estate, prosecutors are investigating statements made by the Trump Organization to insurance companies about the value of various assets.

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According to the New York Times, financial records from another company are also being sought from the prosecutor. This company was hired by Deutsche Bank to assess the value of three Trump hotels in relation to Deutsche Bank loans. The operation of restaurants, bars and gift shops in hotels was investigated. Deutsche Bank was one of the main lenders to former President Trump and works with the prosecutor. Another former lender of Trump, Bank Ladder Capital, is also collaborating with government attorneys.

It is unclear whether the prosecution will eventually bring charges. However, she could argue that sophisticated credit institutions can conduct their own analysis of Donald Trump’s real estate without relying on the company’s public valuation.

Donald Trump gifts the Weiselberg family – Weiselberg as an important witness

According to the New York Times, the prosecution also questioned Mr. Weiselberg’s former daughter-in-law Jennifer Weiselberg. In an interview, Jennifer Weiselberg said that the prosecutor had asked her several gifts about Donald Trump and that her company had given the Weiselberg family over the years, according to the New York Times. It includes an apartment in Central Park South for Jennifer Weiselberg and her ex-husband Berry Weiselberg – Alan H. Weiselberg’s son. As well as rental cars and private schooling for many family members.

Getting the cooperation of a potential witness to examine the gifts could be part of an effort to paint a picture of Mr. Weiselberg’s financial life. It is not clear whether prosecutors suspect wrongdoing in relation to the gift.

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United States: Government attorney’s office investigates Hush Money case: Weiselberg is not a suspect

In addition to the fraud investigation, Mr. Vance’s office focuses on its original purpose: the Trump Organization’s role in paying Hush money during the 2016 presidential campaign to two women who said they did business with Trump.

Trump’s former attorney Michael D. Cohen paid adult actress Stormy Daniels $ 130,000 a month before the presidential election to buy her silence. Cohen later pleaded guilty, but Weiselberg also claimed to be involved in the Hush money affair. Weiselberg is not suspected by government attorneys. (Anna Charlotte Gros)

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