Don’t Miss: The Best Offers on Amazon Prime Day 2021 – 4K TVs, DVDs, Fire TV Stick & More – Kino News

Don't Miss: The Best Offers on Amazon Prime Day 2021 - 4K TVs, DVDs, Fire TV Stick & More - Kino News

The hunt for the big deal has begun: Amazon Prime Day attracts lower prices on June 21 and 22, 2021. We’ll take a closer look at what the film and home theater sector has to offer – and tell you what’s worthwhile and what’s not.


Less than a year has passed — and it’s back again: Amazon’s biggest bargaining event! The online retailer will woo with Amazon Prime Day on June 21 and 22, 2021, of course with many offers and discounts across all product categories. So that you don’t miss out on this mess of discounts and greed, We will keep you updated about the best offers on the topic of movies today and tomorrow at FILMSTARTS – From Cheap Streams amazon prime video From 4K Blu-ray to the best technology for your home theater.

In addition to discounts valid for the entire duration of Prime Day, you can also expect so-called Lightning offers, which are only valid for a limited time from a specified start time. It can go really quickly here. That’s why it’s worth taking a look at the current overview of offers on Amazon from time to time and taking a look:

›› All Offers on Amazon Prime Day*

What you definitely need to know: You can avail Prime Day offers only if you have a Prime subscription – A simple Amazon account is not enough. If you’re not a Prime member yet, but want to take advantage of this year’s Prime Day offer: Never mind. There is an option to take a 30-day free trial subscription of Amazon Prime. You can take advantage of the Prime Day discount and then cancel the subscription without any major inconvenience and, above all, at no cost.

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›› Amazon Prime Free Trial Subscription*

Movies & Series: Big Movies, Low Prices

Would you like to add to your movie and series collection again? Whether in the form of physical media such as DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray or stream on Amazon Prime Video – there’s plenty to save here:

›› DVD and Blu-ray Remastered on Amazon*
›› Up to -50% off on Amazon Prime Video*
›› Over 300 Movies for 99 Cents on Amazon Prime Video*

The selection ranges from brand new home cinema highlights to classics and from collection boxes to full ranges. Tastes are different, but there really should be something for every movie and series fan.

TV, Amazon Echo and Fire TV Sticks

Movies and series are all well and good, but do you need the right hardware first? Still, it’s worth taking a look at Amazon:

›› TVs & more: Home Cinema Offers on Amazon*
›› Amazon Echo Dot be Amazon*
›› Amazon Fire TV Stick on Amazon*

Aside from lesser home theater equipment like 4K TVs or sound bars, the online giant, as expected, takes a hit on its own. In-house bestsellers at exclusively low prices. including various models of the streaming gadget hit Fire TV Stick and smart speaker echo dot for your smart home.

Amazon Prime Day 2021: All important advance information at a glance

* Links to Amazon offers are so called affiliate links. If you make purchases through these links, we receive a commission. Information is based on information received from Amazon and may vary

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