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Dresden. Dresdner Isloven has announced two new personnel decisions. Defense lawyer Bruno Riedl receives a U21 sponsorship contract. The 19-year-old was dressed in blue and white 24 times last season, not at all this season when he helped prepare. In addition, U20’s Elbestädter striker Jannis Kälble has signed Düsseldorfer EG. The 19-year-old will also receive a U21 sponsorship contract until April 30, 2024.


Kumble hails from Mannheim and played there until U20 with the Young Eagles. A year earlier he moved to Düsseldorfer EG’s DEL team, for which he scored 28 points in a total of 27 games, including 20 points in the current season. With Esloven, he is now due to be introduced to the DEL2 squad and could replace Jussie Peterson in the next few weeks, who will travel to Canada with the U20 national team for the World Cup next week.

Due to the engagement of the clubs, Eisloven could continue to compete with 21 field players. “Two players with sponsorship contracts have been on the team so far, along with Jussie Peterson and Lucas Flaid. However, he was injured earlier this season, which is why we could not offer a replacement at this point as per the funding agreement,” explains sporting director Mathias Ross.

The manager continued: “With the redesign of Bruno Riedl’s contract and the engagement of Janice Kumble, the coaches now have four players to choose from for the two positions. Jassie Pietersen will miss a few games from next week anyway, that’s it. That’s why we had to sign another striker. Janis will be doing his first training session with us this week. Ideally, he’ll play in Jussie’s position next week. Overall, as a youngster, he’s got to play at senior level. It will also take time to get used to the genre. Therefore, he should also get a production license to Erfurt, ”said Ross.

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