Drone movies in Grunheide: Tesla apparently building its first cars near Berlin

Drone movies in Grunheide: Tesla apparently building its first cars near Berlin

Drone movies in Grünheide
Tesla is apparently building its first cars near Berlin

Final approval has also not been given for the new Telsa car factory on the outskirts of Berlin. But trials have already begun for production at the ground-up plant in record time. A photo clearly shows the first Tesla vehicles in Berlin.

At the Tesla factory in Grunheide near Berlin, some of which are still under construction, the first new Model Y cars and parts that are said to come from trial production have apparently begun. A drone photo of a construction site published on YouTube shows four Model Ys standing in a parking lot, some of which are covered with tarpaulin. In addition, the body and body parts that can be seen clearly need to be recycled.

Parts of the new plant, such as the entry area and battery production, are still under construction. Others, as far as they can be seen from outside, have already finished and apparently started testing. There has been no confirmation from the company that it produced the first cars at the new, so-called Giga factory. However, this will be in line with earlier information about Tesla’s schedule.

According to various reports, Tesla’s schedule is to start producing 1,000 cars a week in early 2022. The plant should then be up and running through the summer. In its first expansion phase, the factory should have a capacity of 500,000 vehicles per year. At present the factory has been approved. Tesla has not yet approved for commercial production. The company reportedly expects a decision later this year. The public objection process is over, but the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment, responsible has not yet announced the date of its decision.

Conservationists and residents fear the factory will have negative consequences for the environment. For example, they feel that water consumption is too high. Tesla denied the concerns. Musk has also started building a large battery factory in Grunheide. In November, the carmaker surprisingly waived billions of possible government subsidies for planned battery production.

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