“DSDS” juror Dieter Bohlen found guilty of lying

"DSDS" juror Dieter Bohlen found guilty of lying

Dieter Bohlen seems to be flirting with his fans on Instagram: At least the pop titan shouldn’t be living in a luxury villa.Image: Imago Stock & People / Image of the Future

fan From dieter bohlen Always watch the pop titan pose in front of a sparkling, sunny backdrop—a pool and a luxurious property in the background shouldn’t be missing in his sometimes quite crude Instagram stories. It is clear that the re-“DSDS” juror lives in Mallorca. Also his show Comeback Interview, which he recently RTL Given, happened on a great estate.

But according to a reportPicture“Deceptive – the former Modern Talking member is said to have lived more modestly on Holiday Island. His 1.5 million Instagram followers do not pay attention to it.

Bohlen is said to have lived in a modest apartment

sometimes bohlen poses social media On a hammock, sometimes he photographs his partner Carina in front of palm trees and with a vast pool landscape – Very often casually with sunglasses and clearly with a strong soft-focus effect. As “Build” now explained, at least the background of the TV interview was the estate of Marcel Remus, who made millions as an entrepreneur and real estate agent in Mallorca.

Feather instagram So far, though Bohlen hasn’t said a word about it, one clip showed the musician, for example, a large palm tree floating on a hook from the sky, and claimed that the plant was a reference to his carina. was a gift. According to media reports, however, he shot the clip at another property, which is said to be very close to his actual residence.

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In reality, however, Bohlen lives in a simple-looking block of flats at the port of a place in southwest Mallorca. According to “Build”, the 90 square meter apartment in which he is going to live costs around 700,000 euros. To apartment A balcony and two storage rooms should also be included.

And apparently there is no luxury fleet in Bohlen’s house – on the island he usually rides on a scooter or Mini. An unnamed friend told the newspaper about the placards and their normal living conditions and:

“Dieter uses his connections, everyone on the island knows him. He enjoys it.”

Dieter Bohlen took a stand on the allegation of fraud

It was not long before Dieter Bohlen spoke personally about the media report. He took a screenshot of the entire article, only to admit at the end: “The whole truth is this: the apartment, the scooter, etc. are not even mine.” By way of clarification, the lyricist said:

“I’m just as boss on Male as most people: nothing.”

Dieter Bohlen admits: at least one "boat" Eventually he bought it.

Dieter Bohlen admits: he bought at least one “boat”.Image: screenshot / Instagram / Dieterbohlen

Bohlen doesn’t see it as buying a luxury property at all, after all even “sun and sea” are available for free to all. A completely pragmatic approach, but a snappy saying at the end of his article comment can’t be missing. As for a photo on which the “DSDS” veteran is seated in a mini hose bot, he wrote: “Okay, I’ll admit: I bought this and it was mine.”


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