Ebersburg goes to Arcadia – of space and time – Ebersburg

Ebersburg goes to Arcadia - of space and time - Ebersburg

Near the forest, not far from the Ebersburg Observation Tower, darkness is fast approaching. In the distance you can make only the majestic Alps. But before the night can fully spread, it suddenly lights up: in the square that traditionally celebrates mid-summer with a large fire, there is a wallless hut, which glows brightly in neon tubes. Is made from “It sounds more poetic from here,” says Anke Westerman.

The Berlin artist actually designed the installation “Lichthaus” in 2017 in a completely different context. Now the work of art can be seen at the Arcadia Festival in Ebersberger Kunstverein. Organizer Peter Keys explains that the selection of the location below the observation tower was not random: “It was important to us that the installation did not take place in the center of the city. From here it has a long-range impact.” Anke Westerman says: “Classic Castle-in-the-Sky Thoughts”.

Berlin artist Anke Westerman built his “Light House” under the Observation Tower.

(Photo: Christian Endt)

The light house was built as part of their long-term project called “construction kits for a fictional city” – as a visual gesture, explains the artist, who also has a political background: the destruction of open spaces within a city Criticism of, raising awareness about green, culturally valuable systems among urbanities. But above all, one thing is important to him: “Promote the space of imagination, inspire people to develop dreams.”

City living, open spaces, density – these themes have long taken the artist. When she talks about it, she tells a lot about the German capital, for example, about its installations at Prinzessingengarten, an alternative park project in Kreuzberg. Westermann himself undertook such a project behind the Volksbuhne in Berlin Mitte until the property was privatized. “The idea of ​​a light house arose from my commitment to preserve this area.” Different from the original context, however, the establishment may be moved to Ebersburg; Here too, the issue of living is a big one.

Arcadia 2021 - Declared Parking Lot

Ebersburg goes to Arkadien: Festival Director Peter Keys is happy about a parking lot that invites you to stop by.

(Photo: Peter Heinz-Rosin)

“Let’s go inside,” Westerman finally suggests. Although the light house has no roof and draws it from all sides, you inadvertently feel that you have actually stepped into another room, to experience the place from a different point of view. Westerman describes it as: “Here you feel more secure, thinking is more focused.” Despite everything and the artist playing with it, the light house also remains an illusion. Anyone who stares at the Observation Tower between 9 pm and 11 pm over the next two months will not be able to bypass their lights.

Not quite specific, but worth considering is also a sign that has recently been placed on the edge of the Ebersberger Altpassage: although it is not mirrored in any way, it keeps the viewer mirrored. “Declared parking lot” is written in white letters on a blue background, with distinctive large p. On top of this, the fee schedule is anything but ordinary: if you park for 30 minutes in this parking lot between the shopping center and the. Math construction yard, you have to pay ten euros if you are over this time and stand for one hour only to be asked to pay five euros. And this argument continues. The cost for one day is one euro, and there is no invoice for two days or more, but there is a free coffee in Kunstverein next door.

The Association for the Deal of Time has established this slow parking lot, the installation is also a contribution to the Arcadia Festival and will be visible by the end of mid-July. Time and again, Keys says, the passersby stopped in front of the sign, interested and happy. Yes, with what Martin Liebman humorously wants to say with this parking space, it quickly becomes clear: how contradictory is it that stress and busy motion are monetaryly rewarded in our everyday lives? Shouldn’t it be more desirable that a lot of time is taken – for anything? For shopping at the drugstore, for a chat with your Ebersburg friend, for a festival trip across the city? In the next few weeks, there will be many more stations which are going to encourage thoughts, laughter and dreams. And it is worth noting. So we can only hope that the slow parking lot will be widely used.

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