ECB on crash course – can the euro still be saved? Interview with Marcus Fugman

Can the ECB Still Save the Euro? Germany’s consumers are currently experiencing the highest rate of inflation since the oil crisis nearly 50 years ago! Marcus Fugman, editor-in-chief, explains why the current high inflation is mainly due to the financial policy of the ECB In conversation with Andreas Ullmann, Managing Director of Solitude Sales Ltd. Marcus Fugman also explains why inflation will continue to rise in the near future. You can learn all this and more in the video!

Information: The video was recorded three weeks ago, when the latest data on inflation as well as the ECB’s latest interest rate move to 0.75% and the gas supply interruption by Nord Stream 1 were not yet known. But the video is about addressing issues that are still relevant today!

Timeline for video:

00:00 Introduction
02:36 Development of the ECB – Balance Sheet in Euros
05:43 Consumer prices in the Euro zone
20:07 Record – Inflation forced interest rate change
22:15 France “leader” in total debt
39:44 Buying/selling of EU government bonds by the ECB
40:20 Russia’s Gold Vs Dollar Reserves
40:43 Gold holdings of central banks around the world

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