Elon Musk: Robots may be more important to Tesla than cars

Elon Musk: Robots may be more important to Tesla than cars

The humanoid robot developed by Tesla is the most important product the US manufacturer is currently working on, CEO Elon Musk said while presenting the latest business figures. Although it could take years before the robot is ready for series production, Musk already believes it is more important than electric vehicles.

US media quoted the billionaire as saying that he has the potential to become more important to the car company than business with the current Tesla model or the announced Cybertruck. Musk says the robots should be used first in Tesla’s factories and then also help fill the staff shortage.

Tesla presented the concept for the humanoid “Tesla Bot” — now “Optimus” — at a memorable press conference on so-called AI Day in August. After being shown rendered images of the proposed robot, an actor dressed in a robot costume joined Musk on stage and danced there,

According to Musk, the robot will be 1.70 meters tall, weigh about 56 kilograms, carry 20 kilograms and will be able to lift about 70 kilograms from the cross. He is said to be “naturally sociable” and performs dangerous, repetitive and exhausting tasks. Meanwhile, Musk also thinks Tesla is doing it Contribute to the development of artificial general intelligence (AGI). Maybe, i.e. hypothetical algorithms that would be comparable to human intelligence.

Even though Musk sees things differently now in terms of Tesla’s future, the auto business is likely to remain the company’s most important sector for a long time. Despite the global chip crisis and problems in the supply chain, Tesla posted more earnings in the past fiscal year than ever before.

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The fact that Musk’s predictions about products and their expected importance should be treated with caution is nothing new. therefore Reminds me of CNBCThat Tesla boss wanted to get one million autonomous taxis on the road by the end of 2020. Even after more than a year has passed, there is nothing to see.


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