Emoji for Refugees appeared in the beta version

Emoji for Refugees appeared in the beta version

Users of the trial version of WhatsApp have discovered a new emoji flag in Messenger. Its special thing is that it is not related to any particular country. The background is still political.

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A new emoji has come out in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android. It shows an orange flag with a narrow black stripe in the lower third. It is an international symbol for refugees, as the blog Emojipedia states.

The “Refugee Nation Flag” was designed in 2015 by Syrian refugee Yara Saeed. Its color should be like a life jacket.

The fact that the flag can already be seen in the beta version of WhatsApp Android suggests that a whole series of new emojis may soon find their way into Messenger. The Unicode Consortium regularly publishes new collections of emojis that only need to be implemented by various operating systems and software providers.

The flag is not yet visible in the normal WhatsApp version. This may change with future updates.

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