Error messages occur on Canon printers due to lack of chips

Error messages occur on Canon printers due to lack of chips

Technology giant Canon currently supplies its printer cartridges without DRM chips. These “interim toners” trigger error messages on Canon printers, such as “golem“Report. Consumables such as cartridges for multi-function printers are also affected by semiconductor shortages. Because of the shortage, Canon therefore distributes toner without these components. Disadvantages: DRM chips used to check printer’s authenticity Cartridge. According to Canon itself though, this shouldn’t be a problem.

over you Website Canon lists the affected devices and provides instructions on how to bypass the error message. According to Canon, the use of these toners does not have a negative impact on print quality. It only affects the detection of the toner level. For this reason, the level indicator can drop from 100 to 0 percent without warning. In such a situation, according to Canon, the user should just use a new toner.

UBS’s IT department is arguably less affected by this problem. In future his office should be completely paperless. Here you can read how this decision came,

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