Escaped vacuum robot “Drunken” is back with its owner

Escaped vacuum robot "Drunken" is back with its owner

Updated 01/27/2022 at 2:40 pm

  • The door of the delicacy shop opens for only a moment – and the “drunken” runs away.
  • A vacuum robot tour leaves Austria in suspense for days.
  • The strange story had a happy ending, thanks to a garbage collector.

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An apparently freedom-loving vacuum robot has thrown the Austrian town of Wieselberg into suspense and dusted the media. The device fled a grocery store earlier in the week and was found again after a search call, Ingrid Pracker of Weiselberger Schmankerladen told the German press agency on Thursday.

The robot has been cleaning the shop for a few weeks, where Prakar nicknamed it Fluffy. A surveillance video from the store shows Fluffy’s escape: At exactly seven o’clock, when the robot usually finishes cleaning, the sliding door of the store opens and closes once more for a morning test run. The vacuum cleaner rolled over the main square. “He took advantage of the moment,” Prakar said.

‘Drunken’ makes it big: Facebook appeal and cover story

When Prakar saw that the robot had run away, he was nowhere to be found outside. a call up Facebook and a cover story in the Viennese free newspaper “Today” followed.

A woman then reported that a garbage collector removed Fluffy from the sidewalk because she thought it was garbage. Eventually, the device was found at the municipal collection center and handed over to the owner, as confirmed by an employee. If Fluffy runs away again, Prakar has given him a sticker. (dpa/how)

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