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Das Makers Inn in der Küferstraße 46 bietet viel Platz, um kreative Ideen gemeinsam mit anderen Gründern zu entwickeln. Foto: Roberto Bulgrin

Makers Inn at Kupferstrasse 46 provides ample space to develop creative ideas with other founders. Photo: Roberto Bulgrin

Esslingen’s economy will change – a start-up spirit and new concepts are needed if change is to be successful. A nucleus was created for this with the Innovation Mile Kupferstrasse.

Esslingen – You don’t need to be a forecaster to predict that Esslingen will turn into a business location in the coming years. Some things will become less important, some things will have to be revamped and some things will come out afresh. You can watch this process of change with interest, but you can also help shape it creatively. The city of Esslingen has chosen for the latter and has launched various measures and projects for the further development of the commercial space under the flag of “Mach Es”. A central component is the Kupferstrasse Innovation Mile. This is where founders find their first point of contact to get their projects off the ground and, ideally, to collaborate with others to develop them even more successfully. This widely recognized project has also received nationwide recognition.

Best from Eslingen.

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