Europe allows Boeing to fly “737 Max” again – Economy

Europe allows Boeing to fly "737 Max" again - Economy

European Aviation Safety Authority European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has flight restrictions for Boeing Is 737 Max Revoked under conditions after nearly two years. The European Aviation Safety Authority on Wednesday published a so-called airworthiness directive, in which they put the conditions of return Max European airspace broke out. The specifications must be implemented by national European authorities and airlines who wish to use the model.

The EASA and practically all other flight safety officials banned the flight in March 2019 after the crash of two types of machines within less than five months. 346 people were killed in accidents. Control software maneuver symptom extension system (MCAS), which controls flight behavior Max Must match previous model. In two accidents, the MCAS interfered too much due to broken sensors, causing the pilots to lose control of the aircraft.

Boeing has since made major modifications to the aircraft and software. Officials believe incidents recur and are almost impossible Max Definitely is. Prior to the European Union, the USA, Brazil and Canada had already lifted the flight ban. EASA, however, called for additional changes, such as a synthetic sensor that collects data on the attitude of flight from various sources and compares it with physical sensors. However, it will only be retrofitted by 2022. The EASA has also changed the procedures in the cockpit and training courses that all pilots must complete before controlling a scheduled flight.

EASA boss Patrick Q emphasized that the agency worked independently of Boeing and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and was not under any political or economic pressure in the process. The FAA itself came to the attention of the investigation because it was so close to Boeing, and Europeans have since asserted their independence.

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There are two airlines in germany 737 Max Ordered – Tuifly and Sun Express.

For Boeing, the end of the Max flight ban is hardly good news. The group on Wednesday announced a net loss of approximately $ 12 billion for 2020. Revenue fell 24 percent to $ 58 billion due to aircraft and epidemic-related problems. Among other things, Boeing had $ 6.5 billion in special fees for new long haul aircraft Is 777X Book.

The machine, which was also ordered by Lufthansa, is not due to be delivered for the first time until the end of 2023. In the previous schedule, Boeing assumed it would be able to deliver the jet for the first time in 2022, but the project had already been delayed several times, now nearly three years in total. Boeing owner David Calhoun blamed many factors for this, approving all the strict requirements of aviation safety authorities as well as weak demand.

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