Eurowings Discover acquires Lufthansa’s Canada routes

Eurowings Discover acquires Lufthansa's Canada routes

Eurowings Discover is now the last long-distance tourist route operated by Lufthansa to capture. This means that the two routes to Canada pass to the Cranich subsidiary.

Eurowings Discover, a subsidiary of still young Lufthansa, is still a work in progress. Low-cost airlines focus exclusively on long-distance tourist routes. And that’s where Eurowings Discover should now capture mother’s final routes as well, like informed of. This affects two routes to Canada, which have already been passed into the Eurowings Discover system since yesterday and which will be adopted operationally in the coming year.

Calgary and Halifax are taken over by Eurowings Discover

Eurowings Discover is still a work in progress. The young Lufthansa subsidiary gradually took over the long-distance tourist routes from its mother, along with its own routes. This process is now to be completed, with a tourist focus along the remaining long-distance routes, which will then be carried out by Eurowings Discover instead of Lufthansa. As a result, routes to Canada are the last to be included in the budget airline’s flight schedule. Related flights are said to be included in the Eurowings Discover system from tomorrow, 20 October.

Halifax Canada
Eurowings Discover will acquire, among other things, the route to Halifax.

The affected routes are the long-distance route from Frankfurt to Calgary that Crane has operated to date, which the subsidiary will operate from May 23 next year, and the route to Halifax, which will be flown with Eurowings Discover instead of Lufthansa. It will be 13th June 2022. On the due date of yesterday, the previous flight number was initially changed to the so-called new “Lufthansa Marketing Flight Number”, to which “Powered by Eurowings Discover” was added and transferred to the Lufthansa subsidiary’s booking system. As also announced by Lufthansa, additional services such as seat reservations, trips, children traveling alone and animals have to be automatically rebooked as far as it is technically possible .

the staff is very critical

Eurowings Discover seems to have started – more or less – successfully. The Lufthansa subsidiary specifically wants to attack long-distance tourist routes. But from the point of view of working conditions and staff, Eurowings Discover now faces sharp criticism. Because to be as competitive as possible and to be able to stand up to airlines like holiday airline Condor. It is no surprise that this happens at the expense of working conditions and employees. At least this is where criticism comes from unions Vereinigung Cockpit (VC for short) and the Independent Flight Attendant Organization (UFO for short), who now want to set up a staff representative body or a working council for Eurowings Discover. are – one still doesn’t exist till date.

Conclusion on the acquisition of Canada Routes

Now, Lufthansa’s final long-distance tourist routes will soon be transferred to Young Betty, who is said to have already been on the system side. In terms of operations, routes from Frankfurt to Halifax and Calgary are to be taken over by Eurowings Discover in the coming year. Accordingly, passengers expect the products and service of Crane Accessories. Which is also facing severe criticism from its own staff. There’s a lot going on at Eurowings Discover.

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