Exhibition: where performances and visitors merge

Interaktive Exponate im Loenen Museum (Foto: Tinker imagineers / Mike Bink)

Utrecht’s Dutch experience design agency Tinker Images was commissioned to design the permanent exhibition, a part of which is placed in a multifunctional space and therefore must be movable. The first part of the exhibition focuses on the stories of Dutch war victims and the involvement of the Dutch in international (peace) missions.

Visitors face relatives of war victims through the mirror and with the thought that it may be their own. The stories suggest that the victim often lives for several generations. While visiting the exhibition, visitors are constantly aware of their own reflection.

Meanwhile, a projection with various clips on one of the walls provides a perspective of war and peace. The adjoining room focuses on veterans and tells the story of military operations conducted for the Netherlands since 1947.

Encounter with relatives of war victims

Relatives of the victims can be seen in six mirrors in the first room. They glance at you and tell of their relatives who are buried in the Leinan National War Ceremony. Visitors Anton de Kome (resistance), Ben Bunk (refugee in England), Philip Schwarz (Jewish victims of persecution), Enda Kerkhovan (resistance), Ravi van Rensen (military, killed in Serebrenica) and Timo Smehuizen (relatives of the military) See you , Ending in Afghanistan).

Personal stories of veterans

In the second room, visitors can find out about all the military operations that the Netherlands has been involved in since 1947. Apart from a factual overview of the missions, personal stories of veterans are also told here. What were the thoughts of Dutch soldiers about risking their lives in a distant country? The room has an interactive touchscreen with a large world map. The table serves as an interactive database of the missions that the Dutch military participated in between 1947 and today. Some missions are accompanied by an interview with a veteran.


  • Exhibition Design: Tinker Images
  • Interactive: Yip
  • Content-production: Tinker imagers
  • AV Hardware: Phantom vision

Tinker imagers and Fanta Vision are also responsible for the conception and realization of the Belgian Chocolate Nation.

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