Fagradalsufjal volcano in Iceland: Hiker fell into rift?

Fagradalsufjal volcano in Iceland: Hiker fell into rift?

In Icelandic volcano, which has been spewing coals and ash for weeks, there is a new crack in the rock. Rescuers fear that the hikers may have fallen into the ditch.

Due to a new one, the rock has a crack of about 500 meters long The island The bubbling volcano has been given a major police operation for weeks. The local police chief told Iceland’s broadcaster RUV on Monday afternoon that the helicopter would be used to bring any passengers to safety on the mountain. He said that people can be seen on the mountain on the RUV webcam, which has been broadcasting the outbreak for two weeks. They can be at risk – also due to a possible increase in sulfur gases.

After the evacuation, the mountain Pagadalasfjal should be closed to the public initially. About 50 emergency services were called to the scene. Further consequences of the new development were initially unclear. Webcam recordings have been showing for weeks how glowing, liquid rocks protrude from the Earth into a crater-like structure.

The eruption, which Icelanders have named Geldingdalgos, began in mid-March in a remote area on the Reykjavik peninsula, about 30 kilometers southwest of Reykjavik. The lava that rises to the surface comes from an underground volcanic system known as the Crisusovic. This type of outbreak was in thousands Earthquake Announced. According to officials, so far, there is no danger of people, localities or far from the capital Reykjavik.

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