Fannie Smith the only World Cup record winner | Sports at home / abroad

Fannie Smith the only World Cup record winner |  Sports at home / abroad

SkiCross – Fannie Smith Ski Cross is making history. Romande celebrates his 27th win at the World Cup in Idre Fazel, Sweden and can now call himself the only record winner.

Fannie Smith is currently the measurement of all things ski ski. In the race for the seventh World Cup, the 28-year-old from Vid, stood at the top of the podium for the fourth time – and the 27th time in his career. In this figure he passed the French Ophelie David. Along with her idol, she shared the record from last Wednesday.

On Saturday, Smith had to overtake the two contestants directly at home and missed the record for the third time. On Sunday, in the third competition within five days at the Swedish ski resort, there was no more past Swiss woman. In the final, she celebrated a better starting win in front of French Eliza Baron and Marielle Thompson from Canada. As a fourth, Talina Guentenbin from Grubanden narrowly missed the podium.

In the overall World Cup, Smith is already more than 200 points ahead of Thompson of Canada after 7 of 12 races.

Two Swiss men on the podium

Switzerland was also represented twice in the men’s finals on Sunday, and twice on the podium as well with Ryan Reyes and Jonas Lenharr. The Barneys and St Gallen riders finished second and third after Canada’s World Cup leader Reece Howard and thus ensured an excellent Swiss team result in the North. The men’s interim results in the World Cup rankings are in exactly the same order.

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In Idre Fjäll, the Ski Crosser World Championship will also take place in mid-February.

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