Farmer looking for women internationally: Snowy farewell to Nico

Farmer looking for women internationally: Snowy farewell to Nico

In the fifth episode of the third season of “Bauer Sucht Frau Internationale”, Nico makes an important decision. (symbol image)


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There is a snowy atmosphere in the 5th episode of the third season on Costa Rica in “Bauer Sucht Frau Internationale” on RTL. Niko sends a woman home.

Tension in the fifth episode of The third season of “Bauer Sucht Frau Internationale”*On RTL – which is currently operational TVNOW can be seen (Video behind the payment barrier) – is big. The mood of some farmers is almost snowy, like echo24.d* informed of. The same is the case with Nico, a 47-year-old farmer from Costa Rica. He has planned a romantic getaway with his ladies – but the mood is changing. Niko gives the cold shoulder to one of the two candidates.

+++ WARNING, SPOILER +++ | In fact, Tirja felt safe by now and was convinced that she was Nico’s number one. But on the boat trip, Nico sits next to Tirza’s contestant Nicola—for a specific reason: “I sat down with Nicola because I wanted to get to know her a little better. I think they’re cute,” Nico tells the camera. Tells. And adds something on top: “I already feel a little attraction for Nicola” – that means she finds it attractive. Tirza sits next to the lovebirds in a row and feels lonely Is.

Farmer is looking for wife

“Can I come to you?” Tirza asked in a clearly annoyed tone. Nico closed his eyes. “Somehow, it’s totally corrosive here,” sorry to the clearly offended candidate. The 47-year-old farmer takes pity and asks Tirja. Now there are three of them, on a two-seater bench, squeezed together.

Tiraja, as a last rescue attempt, tries to persuade the Costa Rican to put his hand around her – but he is anything but spirited and feels ordered around. Has Tirja exhausted herself from her bad mood? After the boat tour, Nicola takes stock: “It was not good. So it’s totally tilted in terms of mood.” Oh yes, the audience noticed that too. Even though in episode 3 the two got so close.

Two women are not for a 47-year-old, he finds it difficult to “focus on two”. Now is a good time for him to make up his mind. let’s go! And who does the farmer want to know?

Bauer Sucht Frau International (RTL): This waiting lady must leave Costa Rica

After an unsuccessful boat trip, it is clear to Niko how to proceed – and most of all, with whom. As the three of them get out of the car, Niko asks Tirza for a conversation and leaves Nicola alone. Does this mean the end for Nikola? Even if the story between the two is something similar started off romantically*?

“You are a beautiful person, a great woman and mother,” introduces the 47-year-old. Tirza feels happy. But then the blow: Nico has decided – for Nikola’s sake, not Tirza’s. And the look of the face got derailed – he probably didn’t expect it. The farmer wants one last hug as he says goodbye, but Tirja refuses to give it to him. Niko explains to the camera: The spark hasn’t gone up with Tirza. Thus Nicola has already asserted herself against the two women—another woman—Wait had to leave before Tirza because of her.

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Bauer Sucht Frau International (RTL): Is that Nico’s great love?

Meanwhile, Nicola is sitting on hot coals and doesn’t yet know how it will turn out for her. But Niko doesn’t hesitate for long: “I told Tirza to please pack her bags.” Nikola is very happy.

On her first day alone in Costa Rica, Nicola simply proved that she could help the farmer with his favorite hobby: beekeeping. Nico tries to seduce his lady of love with fresh honey for breakfast – Nicola is going too fast. Niko is more irritated. Viewers can see how the two progress “Bauer Sucht Frau Internationale” on the airing of the 5th episode of the third season*September 6 at 8:15 pm RTL. *eco24.d an offer from

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