Fatigue to shortness of breath: Kovid patients complain of prolonged long-term results

Fatigue to shortness of breath: Kovid patients complain of prolonged long-term results

Tiredness to shortness of breath
Kovid patients complain about long-term effects for a long time

Even months after their discharge from the hospital, many Kovid-19 patients suffer from symptoms such as muscle and joint pain. This is the result of a French study. According to this, some of the affected people do not return to their jobs for long.

According to one study, even six months after contracting Kovid 19, 60 percent of hospitalized patients still suffer from at least one symptom of a virus infection. According to a French study published in the specialist journal “Clinical Microbiology and Infection”, people are often affected by fatigue, muscle and joint pain, or difficulty breathing. Data from 1137 hospital patients were included in this.

Six months after the disease, a quarter of people have not just one, but “three or more symptoms,” the study’s authors by the National Institutes of Health Research Insirm explained. Two percent also had to be “re-hospitalized”.

“Fatigue, difficulty breathing, difficulty breathing and muscle and joint pain during follow-up examinations between three and six months of hospitalization are among the most commonly reported clinical findings.” Researchers noted the “relationship between the initial severity of the disease and the long-term duration of symptoms”.

According to the study, the results will also have an impact on people’s working lives. For example, of the patients who reported symptoms after six months, one third have not yet returned to work.

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