FC Bayern: Lewandowski may disappear in championship performance against Levazowski

FC Bayern: Lewandowski may disappear in championship performance against Levazowski

One scenario that FC Bayern want to stop completely: against Leipzig without Lewandowski.

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Robert Lewandowski’s goals are extremely important for FC Bayern. For the top game against RB Leipzig, however, Dhruva may fail – as he has to be in quarantine.

Munich – Robert Lewandowski has two things that make him so special: first, he scores an incredible number of goals and second, he is almost never out of action.

He could also be instrumental in ensuring that FC Bayern became the German champions this year. But there is one contestant this year that rarely fades: RB Leipzig. On April 3, there will be a performance between the two top teams – and Lewandowski of all people may be out.

Bayern without Lewandowski against Leipzig? Scary scenario can happen

The striker is part of the Polish national team for the international break from 25 March to 31 March. Poland will play three games: against Hungary, Andorra and England. The game in London creates a dilemma especially for Lewandowski. Stringent rules apply to those moving from Great Britain to Germany to prevent the spread of the Kovid-19 mutant.

Footballers must also follow the Bavarian Infection Protection Ordinance and remain in quarantine for 14 days. Poll is therefore facing a difficult decision – if he cancels his country, trouble with the Union is unavoidable. The game against Leipzig is one of the most important games of the season, and the record champions would be extremely reluctant to do without their goalkeeper.

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Robert Lewandowski in a dilemma: FC Bayern or Poland?

Theoretically, Bayern could have forbidden Lewandowski from release, as the compulsion to park could be overridden by extraordinary quarantine rules in this case. Lewandowski is not the only Bayern player affected by the problem: David Alaba is also playing with Austria on the island against Scotland, with Alphonso Davis being asked to play for Canada against the Cayman Islands.

Quarantine rules may change by April 3, at least that’s what FC Bayern is hoping for. In any case, the people of Munich will not stand and watch. He did not do so when Kingsley Coman came to practice in the wrong car – the club fined the French. (epp)

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