Final Fantasy 14 – Square Enix Introduces ‘Endwalker’ Expansion

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Final Fantasy 14 fans look forward to new content this year. Square Enix is ​​now showing a trailer for the next expansion “Endwalker” and gives a preview of its content. It is also clear that there is also an online role-playing game. Playstation 5 Appears.

Endwalker is the fourth major expansion to the online role-playing game Final Fantasy 14, which was launched in late 2010. Originally, Endwalker should complete the story around Hydällen and Zodiark before being released with an entirely new story. However, before doing so, the world must once again be saved from its end. In addition, players can also travel to Thavenir Island, Garlemald and the Moon.

Square Enix announced several new features in Prospect. The maximum level rises from 80 to 90, there are new dungeons, another raid, new PvP supplies, a new residential area, additional equipment and recipes and more. An overview of other declared materials can be found at Sports website

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker begins in Autumn 2021 for PC and A Playstation 4, Moreover, appears in a customized version of the game Playstation 5. A beta test begins on 13 April.

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