Fire TV Stick: How to Reassign App Button to Remote Control

Fire TV Stick: How to Reassign App Button to Remote Control
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App buttons on the Fire TV Stick Remote can be very useful. With a trick you can also reassign it and open any app about it.

The app button of the Fire TV Stick (2021) can be reassigned. (Source: Amazon)

  • With the “Remapper” app you can reassign the App button to your Fire TV remote control.
  • You will know below how to proceed and what you need to consider.

App button on new Fire tv stick remote control There are many useful extensions. The buttons allow you to open Prime Video, Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Music with just one click.

However, in most cases, the apps you use the most do not match the applications stored on the four app buttons. But what can you do if you want to open another app using the app button?

Remapper enables app buttons to be reassigned

The Remapper app was developed for precisely this case. This allows you to store any app on one of the app buttons. All you have to do is uninstall the app stored on this button. It not only works with the app button on the new stick remote control, but also with the remote control Fire TV Edition TV.

For example, if you want to reassign the Disney + App button, you must first uninstall Disney + from your Fire TV stick. You can then reassign the key.

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Prime Video and Amazon Music buttons cannot be reassigned because apps cannot be uninstalled.

In the following, we will use the example of Disney + to explain how you can assign an App button to another app.

Important: Since you have a. The remapper app is via Install sideload on fire tv stick You need it Downloader-app. You can find it in the Amazon App Store.

Example: Assign YouTube to Disney + Button

First of all, you have to make sure that you own Disney +. To do this, Disney + must appear in your Amazon account under “My Orders”. If you are not sure if you already have Disney + installed, just press the Disney + button on the remote control and install the app. If you have made sure that Disney + is installed, then you will have to uninstall the app again.

It is not possible to reassign Disney + keys and continue to use the app. Always choose an app key for reassignment that you definitely don’t want to use anymore.

Now enter code 2214 in the URL bar of the downloader app. The Disney + Remapper app should open. Start the installation.

When the app is successfully installed, the remapper app opens. Just press the Disney + button on your remote control. This may take a few seconds at first.

Now choose the app you want to open, instead of Disney +. In our example, YouTube. After YouTube is selected, you can close the app. The YouTube app will now open with the Disney + button.

If you want to change the setting in the future, just press the Disney + button 5 to 10 times in a row. This will reset the settings of the remapper app.

If you want to reassign another key, choose the appropriate code from this list.

  • Netflix: 2210
  • Disney +: 2214 22
  • TVNow: 2241
  • DAZN: 2240

By the way, do you know that you have Fire TV stick even without remote control Can control

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