First Influenza A/RSV Hybrid Virus Discovered

First Influenza A/RSV Hybrid Virus Discovered

lungs in danger

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Hybrid virus of influenza A and RSV

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  • researchers had a Hybrid of influenza A virus and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) discovered
  • By merging two viruses, Influenza virus RSV surface protein use so that bypass the immune system And penetrate deep into the lungs Compared to the seasonal flu virus
  • can do this significantly more severe course of the disease Come

A newly discovered hybrid virus from influenza A and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) can penetrate deep into the lungs and cause diseases worse than the seasonal flu virus.

Glasgow (Scotland). scientists of University of Glasgow A completely new hybrid virus was accidentally discovered during a laboratory experiment. The team led by Pablo Murcia and Joan Haney from the Center for Virus Research really wanted to have a conversation between virus analysis. According to their publication in the specialist journal Nature Microbiology They infected human lung cells with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and influenza A. Lung cells, each infected with only one virus, served as a control group.

The researchers were then able to discover the thread-like structures under the microscope, a hybrid virus of influenza A and RSV. How does the Murcia compare Guardians As reported, such a hybrid virus was previously unknown.

“This type of hybrid virus has never been described before. They are viruses from two completely different families that fuse with both the virus’s genome and external proteins. This is a new type of virus pathogen.”

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Influenza A uses RSV surface proteins

In hybrid viruses, the influenza A pathogen RSV uses surface proteins. This allows influenza A particles to bypass the immune system and enter the human body more easily. The fusion of the two viruses allows influenza A to infect a large number of human cells. Influenza A can therefore spread even to cells that do not have influenza receptors and thus penetrate deep into the airways and lungs.

RSV loses its ability to replicate

In contrast, RSV is a loser in the hybrid virus because its ability to replicate is severely inhibited by influenza A particles.

Therefore, according to scientists, the main risk of the hybrid virus is that it can penetrate deeper into the lungs than seasonal flu virus, This greatly increases the risk of serious diseases. The authors also explain that the laboratory experiment is of limited value because “it cannot fully capture the spatial and physiological complexity of the entire respiratory tract.”

parallel transition alert

The researchers see their discovery as “another reason not to be infected with many viruses”. medicine Haven’t found out yet. So virologist Joan Haney is of the opinion that parallel infections with multiple viruses should be better investigated.

“Respiratory viruses exist as part of a community of multiple viruses, all targeting the same body region, such as an ecological niche. We need to understand that to get a complete picture of each individual virus’s biology. How do these transitions interact.”

Nature Microbiology, doi: 10.1038/s41564-022-01242-5

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