First leak for mobile graphics solution

First leak for mobile graphics solution

From Maximilian Hohm ,
The first leaks of Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 4000 mobile graphics card are circulating and higher performance is expected. For the first time one wants to clearly separate the nomenclature from the desktop chips on which the chips are still based. The high-end segment is talking about RTX 4090 mobiles with AD103 chip. Read more about it below.

Nvidia started the Ada Lovelace generation with the Geforce RTX 4090. The Geforce RTX 4090 has outperformed all previous models of the Ampere generation and reached a new level of performance that cannot yet be fully utilized by many existing processors. The graphics card has a TDP of 450 watts and is efficient, but still power hungry. The AD102 GPU used is of course only suitable for desktop graphics cards and cannot be used for mobile graphics cards.

Radeon RX 7900 XT reportedly with 10 GiB of memory [Gerücht]

However, Nvidia is already planning mobile graphics solutions based on the new architecture. This time, however, the manufacturer wants to use other SKUs than the desktop area. For the first time in recent times, the nomenclature is no longer the same as the desktop model. Nvidia is currently planning four different GPUs and five different SKUs. The designations GN21 are X2, X4, X6 and X9. They are based chronologically on AD107, AD106, AD104 and AD103.

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With the mobile AD103, which would then serve as the GN21-X9, an RTX 4090 mobile should be made possible. It should be able to operate with a TDP of 175 watts thus becoming one of the fastest new mobile cards. Models with the AD104 chip should also be able to operate with a TDP of up to 175 watts, although of course there should also be smaller extensions with a TDP of 140 watts, for example.

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AMD should also be able to grow significantly in the mobile sector and according to @graymon55 the fastest mobile chips should reach the level of the current desktop flagship Radeon RX 6950 XT. It is not yet clear under what name the chips will be launched and what their expansion will be. However, more details are expected for both manufacturers during CES 2023 in early January.

Source: videocardz

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