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As Apple already on Highlights of the iPhone 13 model As announced, all devices have been improved in an area much requested by fans. The battery life of the iPhone 12 Mini in particular has been criticized time and again. Now the tide is said to have turned and, notably, the iPhone 13 Pro Max in some respects clearly exceeds the dimensions in the first tests! huge one Apple-Flagshiff is said to be one of the perfect cross-country skiers.

The YouTuber reports a performance time of over 5 hours and still 50 percent!

Apart from the display and the camera, battery life is also a deciding criterion for users: when buying a smartphone. The situation of the iPhone 12 Mini was not good in this case and it also received a lot of criticism. In the keynote, Apple casually mentioned the improved battery life of all models. The new iPhone 13 Pros, and especially the Max, should especially benefit! The latter probably makes for a much larger runtime, as well-known tech YouTuber MKBHD confirmed in one of his videos.

In his review of the iPhone 13 Pro, Marques mainly goes into battery life and also points out that it should have taken a huge leap forward. He also tells us that his colleague is testing the iPhone 13 Pro Max and that he has at least 50 percent battery level left even after 5 hours of performance time. Not only will it be completely crazy in their eyes, but it will be an absolute candidate for the award for the best smartphone battery life for this year.

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The thickness of the new iPhone 13 model has increased minimally and there has also been a slight increase in weight. All indications are that the battery has grown. In addition, the Apple A15 Bionic is probably more energy-efficient than its predecessor, and the new 10 to 120 Hz AMOLED display controls the Hz frequency in a particularly energy-saving way. All the factors play together to significantly increase battery life, which provides a nice boost, especially in the Pro model.

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