Five cats are warming themselves in an Elon Musk satellite dish – Panorama

Five cats are warming themselves in an Elon Musk satellite dish - Panorama

Technological inventions sometimes have positive side effects that go beyond their true purpose. For example, light bulbs have reduced the number of house fires caused by tipped candles. The iPod shrank the messy large CD collection. And cryptocurrencies have sparked interest in retirement provision among 14-year-olds. Of course, billionaire and longtime inventor Elon Musk shouldn’t be missing out on such a series. Their satellite dish, called “Starlink”, which is still largely unknown in this country, aims to provide long-term Internet access to millions of people in remote locations. In the short term, however, its apparently more tangible benefit is another: a bowl about 50 cm in diameter suffocates five cats with warmth, a photo taken by the Canadian shows aaron taylor b twitter shared.

Usually, satellite dishes are of no interest to cats. Then came Musk. Their models have a built-in heater to melt snow and ice, guaranteeing a stable connection to more than 17,000 satellites even when it rains. The bowl becomes a refuge for cats shivering at an uncomfortable temperature of minus 25 degrees.

It’s long been known that pictures of cats are one of the oldest tricks on the Internet to bring altruistic attention to something. But this time it shouldn’t be a simple PR move. The bowl can withstand ice and cold, but if five good-blooded creatures sit on it, the Internet is “definitely slow,” as Taylor writes.

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