Florian Silberesen appearing before him on “DSDS”

Florian Silberesen appearing before him on "DSDS"

The new “DSDS” jury, surrounding Florian Silberesen, Ilse DeLange and Toby Gad, can be viewed here.

Image: RTL/Stephen Gregorovius

ended that year dieter bohlen His era in “DSDS”. RTL announced the following: “Europe’s most successful talent show ‘Deutscheland such den Superstar’ is rediscovering itself: from the coming season (aired in 2022), ‘DSDS’ will be theirs.” fan For the first time in nearly 20 years with an entirely new jury.” Shortly afterwards it became known who would be his successor. In addition to Ilse DeLange and Toby Gad, Florian Silbereisen also attended the casting show as a juror.

Silberesen was already on the RTL show in 2020 when he replaced Xavier Naidu in the live show. The “everything could be better” interpreter did not hold back after a scandal over accusations of racism when RTL distanced itself from him and his statements. At the time, Bohlen was overjoyed about the new addition: “We like each other, we appreciate each other, we’re both super professionals and all I can say is: It just got super awesome.” could.”

Now Silberesen continues without the poppetition. other than the former Helen Fisher However, there was another pop star who wanted to hire him. in one Interview with “promiflash“Now DJ Otzi finds out that his friend Florian had actually surpassed him.

DJ Otzi will be happy about “DSDS” job

DJ Otzi recently released his new album “Be You -“. team 2.0. “Like Silberesen, he has been in the music business for a long time. For 20 years he has been stirring up the scene with his hits. His first single from 2000, “Anton os Tirol” stayed at number one for 42 weeks. With his experience in show business, he could certainly fit the new “DSDS” candidates for the next round of the casting marathon.

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But in the end the matter did not reach him. Gerry Friedl, as is his real name, told Celebrity Portal: “Unfortunately, a friend overtook me – if not one of my best friends.” By this he meant, of course, Silberesen. In his hit show, DJ Otzi is a welcome guest, and they get on and keep in close contact from the big stage really well.

Regarding his job as a juror on a casting show, the 50-year-old continued: “I am very interested in such a proposal, because it is fun makes – not so young People To evaluate, but also to inspire and promote talent.” Perhaps the opportunity will arise again from the 20th season, as new jury mates have been regularly selected for this task until now.


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