Formula 1: Alfa Romeo C41 presented

Formula 1: Alfa Romeo C41 presented

The Formula 1 region continues to take shape in 2021: Alfa Romeo on Monday introduced its new racing car for the upcoming season, after McLaren and Alphatauri as the third racing team.

In Warsaw, Poland, the C41 is now presented, with Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi competing.

Even the name hides a little curiosity: the C41 follows the C39, making a difference in the traditional number. The C40 is likely to be reserved as the name for the 2022 car that has already started. The same “problem” exists with Ferrari, where Project 673 precedes Project 672.

Otherwise, at first glance, one is a little surprised to see the new Alfa Romeo racing car, which is again in white and red – with the main sponsor Orlen, whose in-house launch event took place in Poland.

Very old, something new

“The C41 is the result of a very unusual situation in Formula 1 because regulations have made it impossible to build an entirely new car for this year,” says Jan Monchaux, chief technology officer. “For this reason, we have adopted several parts of the C39 for our 2021 car, with exceptions that have to be new by regulations.”

The innovations include, above all, the underbody and nose, with the team also placing two of its development tokens. “This means that we already know the car a lot better than normal when we test it. But during the three days of testing it is still important to verify if our expectations also match reality.”

In terms of sports, after a disappointing 2020 season, they want to push themselves again. Last year he won in a duel between the backbenchers against Haas and Williams, but the eight points were clearly too low for the demands of the former Sauber racing team.

Again with a new power unit?

The gap between the teams in front was also terrible. This should decrease significantly in 2021, which are certainly indicative. Because the weak point in the previous year was the Ferrari engine, which lost too much power after some clarifications in the rules. For the coming season, it should be remodeled with a new power unit.

“The most important thing for a racing team is always to improve,” says team owner Frederick Wasseypur. “Setting a goal sometimes hinders you. I think we all want to improve. The team is motivated and we have to go step by step to get back to the top of the midfield. We know it’s a It’s been long, but we’re done. Working on it. “

When it comes to drivers, the team relies on continuity. Former world champion Kimi Raikkonen continued her career at the age of 41 and went on to a third year with the racing team, with which she once started the 1-day formula. Antonio Giovinazzi will also remain on the board, although many expected a replacement by Mick Schumacher.

The third driver is also an old friend: Robert Kubica brings a Polish sponsor with him and helps to take the team out of his experience. It is unlikely that we will see him at least once or in Friday practice.

Turbulent bar on Sauber

Hanville’s Sauber team made its Formula 1 debut in 1993 and as a small private racing team, was able to celebrate some notable successes in the coming years.

They became the BMW Works team in 2006 and were their most successful period in 2008, when Kubica was able to drive for a long time world title. The team won its only victory in Canada.

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After the producer left the company after the 2009 season, founder Peter Sober returned to Formula 1 as a private. In the years that followed, the racing team had to contend with repeated financial problems. Since 2019, the company has been working in the premier category called Alfa Romeo.

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