Formula 1 in Canada: long-established circuitous Gilles-Villeneuve track

Formula 1 in Canada: long-established circuitous Gilles-Villeneuve track

Formula 1 in Montreal – Racing at Ole Notre-Dame

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The Circuit Gilles-Villanueve race track in Montreal is named after Canada’s most famous racing driver and has been giving exciting Grand Prix events since 1978.

  • Since 1978 Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve Location of Canadian Grand Prix, except for 1987 and 2009
  • 1982 route Name changedAfter Canada’s famous driver Giles-Villanueve Have an accident
  • The route is on one Artificial island In montreal
  • Many drivers “W
    Of all champions” failed

Montreal, Quebec – Construction of the racetrack began in 1978. At that time it was still called “Notre Dame Island Circuit“. Track became main site formula 1 In Canada, Sports Car Championship, NASCAR Pinties Series, NASCAR Xfinity Series and other racing events in Montreal. The route was originally after Artificial island In the middle of St. Lawrence River On which it is located.

Renaming Circuit Giles-Villanueve

Marg’s current name is based on a tragic story. 1978 was not just the first year formula 1 In Montreal, But also the first victory Joseph Giles Henry Villanueve (32, 32 1982), Giles Villanueve for shorts from machine to machine Jean-Pierre Jarrier Struggled with complications. To date, Gilese Villanueve is the only Canadian on Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve Had a victory. He is also the only Canadian to have one Formula 1 World Championship Won. In his short Formula 1 career, he was the winner of six Grand Prize And became a fan favorite, especially in Canada. There was an accident in Villeneuve in 1982 Belgium grand prix. Five weeks later the route is named after him.

Notorious curves and long straps

  • Route Length: 4.361 km
  • Curve: 13
  • Race length 305.270 km in 70 laps

The length of the island Montreal, Canada favors long straits. This is a very fast Sliding course With some disadvantages. Long straps alternate with slow passageways. The fast classes determined a majority race. Drivers give full throttle on more than two-thirds of the route. The four straps allow a speed of 290 km / h. This means increased load on the engine. Brakes are also used Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve Heavy. Sharp corners force the driver to put a lot of pressure on the brake. In hairpin turns, the speed drops from 290 km / h to 60 km / h. These constant changes between top speed and slow speed push the mechanical parts of the car like hardly any other track in the world formula 1.

Formula 1 record and “Wall of Champions”

Record winner Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve is Michael sSchumacherWho topped here six times (1994, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004). In 2011, the route was built for another Record In formula 1: After this, the Canadian Grand Prix was Longest run With 4: 04: 39.437 hours. Also, it was the slowest race in the world story formula 1: Average speed was only 74.864 km / h. The reason for this was the weather in Montreal. Heavy rain caused 30 safety car laps, which was another Record Was. track record 1: 13.078 minutes and was set by Walteri Bottas Set-up.

The route in Montreal is also notorious for “Wall of champions“. Before the thirteenth corner, the driver accelerates over 320 km / h to reach home as the straight winner. Particularly close walls make this part of the route extremely dangerous. Three world champions crashed into this wall in 1999: Michael sSchumacher, Jacques Villeneuve (Son of Giles Villanueve) and Daman Mountains And the race was to end early.

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