Formula 1 in Canada: Will Ferrari break chain of breakdowns with Binotto?

Formula 1 in Canada: Will Ferrari break chain of breakdowns with Binotto?

Status: 06/15/2022 07:07 AM

Ferrari won pole in six of the eight Formula One races. Race Balance But Crash – In Canada, the focus is also on the team boss.

“shouldn’t be with us anymore”

Recently, in the fiasco in Baku, both raids were dropped due to technical problems. Formula-1/co549/grosser-preis-von-kanada/ma9321703/liveticker-list/”>Live ticker on from Friday, 8 pm ,

Leclerc’s feud: “It really shouldn’t happen to us anymore. We didn’t have any major problems at the start of the season and we didn’t change much. It’s hard to understand and very disappointing.”< /उद्धरण>

Charles Leclerc disappointed after finishing again in Azerbaijan

credit: IMAGO/James Gasprotti/Zuma Wire

car champion, strategy pathetic

However, so far the problem is not technology. Rather strategy. Beginning in Bahrain and winning the third race in Australia, Ferrari made the last season’s devastating mistakes surprisingly quickly: communication breakdowns, coordination errors, wrong decisions during the safety car stages and late, premature or unsuccessful pits. were closed. Broken semper, as always everything at Ferrari’s in recent times, but this time it’s worse. Because the car is in 2022 world champion form.

<साइट>“Marnello, we have a problemTuttoSport headlines after Baku and thus before Montreal, Gazzetta dello Sport on Leclerc’s World Cup hopes and La Stampa sounding the alarm: “The world title is at stake for Leclerc.”

Even Perez passes through Leclerc

It’s not too late, there are still 14 races left, 350 points in the pot. Leclerc is “only” 34 points behind Max Verstappen, but the trend is worrying: meanwhile, even Sergio Pérez has overtaken Monegassen in the second Red Bull.

Team boss Mattia Binotto, who was badly battered last season, is already in high demand again, and his statement doesn’t necessarily sound like he has concrete solutions for Canada: <उद्धरण>“We will try to make for Baku. There is certainly a lot more to do.”

“Definitely Room for Improvement”

As always during his tenure, Binotto tries to emphasize positivity, but this Qualification And the difference between the races couldn’t be better represented: “We have made significant progress in terms of performance over the past year, but of course there is still room for improvement in terms of reliability.”

Ferrari in Canada has to fill this space with content, that is, with results. Otherwise, the team boss himself will increasingly come into focus – looking for a possible solution to the bigger Ferrari problem.


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