Formula 1: Verstappen wins Schumacher drama in Canada

Formula 1: Canadian GP now in live ticker - Drama about Mick Schumacher!  Verstappen in front
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of: Florian Shimaki

Formula 1 made guest appearances in Montreal over the weekend. The Canadian Grand Prix was coming. There was a drama about Mick Schumacher.

Canadian Grand Prix: Status after 70 laps

1. Verstappen 2. Sanzo 3.Hamilton 4. Russell
5. Leclerc 6. Ocon 7. Alonso 8. Bottas
9. Zhou 10. Take a walk 11. Ricardo 12. Hago
13. Albony 14. Gasly 15. Norris 16. Latifi
17. Magnussen out – heard out – schumacher out – perez

Update from June 19, 9:47 pm: Wow, that was really exciting backwards! In the end, however, world champion Verstappen wins and extends his lead in the overall classification. “It was really fun,” says the Red Bull driver shortly after the race. There’s also good news: Lewis Hamilton is on the podium.

Formula 1: Sainz Saves Insane Fighting! Verstappen wins Canadian Grand Prix

70/70 Lap: That’s it! Max Verstappen wins the Canadian Grand Prix!

68/70 Rounds: Sainz is nearly six tenths behind Verstappen. Oh this is going to be exciting!

67/70 Rounds: Next fastest race lap from Sainz…

64/70 Rounds: Sainz Won’t Give Up, Verstappen Won’t Be Away! It’s going to be an exciting six rounds. Commendable: Hamilton is currently P3, which will be his best result of the season.

60/70 Rounds: Ten more rounds! Can Sainz get the first win of his career? Verstappen is struggling a lot. The other Ferrari is also struggling to keep up – Leclerc has already reached P5.

58/70 Rounds: Ui, Sainz is really steaming up! Ferrari is within striking distance as Red Bull is not doing so well at the moment. is there anything else? But it won’t be easy…

Formula 1: Canadian GP now in live ticker – safety car stage brings exciting final stage

55/70 Rounds: Great restart after the safety car phase! But Verstappen kept Sainz in control and defended first place. Can he last 15 laps?

49/70 Round: After exiting the pits, Tsunada hits the wall – and the safety car comes out. Wow, now it’s getting really exciting again with the front sights.

44/70 Rounds: Verstappen arrives in the box – and Red Bull does a great job. However, the world champion now has a lot of traffic in front of him and almost collides with Hamilton on his way.

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42/70 Rounds: Now Mick Schumacher Speaks sky about its end. “It’s an uncomfortable feeling. We already had the pace,” says the Haas driver: “It’s very annoying in that regard. But I take a lot of positive things from the weekend with me. We showed we had points What do I have to finish. I guess today would have been the day – but as I said: another day…”

35/70 Rounds: Halftime at the Canadian Grand Prix. It currently looks like Max Verstappen’s fourth consecutive win. BUT: In Formula 1 you never know…

30/70 Rounds: At the front, world champion Verstappen does it comfortably on his lap. Ferrari doesn’t really excel, which is why Sainz can’t attack the Dutchman. Leclerc in particular has his problem and is struggling. “I don’t have a hold,” says Monegasse on Pitt radio. But after 30 laps P6 is really strong – but he still has to pit.

27/70 Round: It’s bitter for Haas and Mick Schumacher. Both drivers had promising conditions initially, but then the cars went on strike. Then no points for the team – and Mick.

Drama about Mick Schumacher! Haas driver retired in promising condition

20/70 Round: Out! Mick Schumacher is out! Is it bitter! Haas suddenly slows down on the straight, Zhou can easily overtake him and Shumi Jr must park his car in the next corner. Again no championship points for the German.

Formula 1: Canadian GP now in live ticker – Drama about Mick Schumacher! Verstappen in front | © IMAGO / Motorsport Images

15/70 Rounds: Now the classifications are being swapped as some teams are going into the pits, but not Sainz. But now the race is open again and Ferrari remains ahead of Verstappen. Of course, strategy is very important now.

9/70 Round: Perez is out! Red Bull is slowing down and just coasting – looks like a gearbox failure. The virtual security car comes out and the area moves closer to each other.

6/70 Rounds: Vettel and Gasly drive into the pits – and Magnussen drives because he needs a new front wing. Really bitter for the Haas pilot. From the dream of winning the point.

4/70 Round: Sainz also grabs Alonso and runs to P2. However, Verstappen has already taken a good lead. Schumacher remains eighth, Vettel fought his way to P15 but now Leclerc has his neck down…

Furious start from Verstappen! World champion Canadian GP . maintains competition in

1/70 round: Get started in Canada! Alonso sleeps, Verstappen heads straight ahead. Unfortunately, Mick Schumacher lost two places as Russell conceded him before the end of the first lap.

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Update from June 19, 7:54 pm: The drivers are about to go on the formation lap. Then the lights go out – and the Canadian Grand Prix begins! We look forward to it!

Update from June 19, 7:49 PM: “We are still third force,” said Mercedes boss Toto Wolff with little hope of winning his Silver Arrows today: “P5 or P6 would be a good result,” said the Austrian before the race sky,

Update from June 19, 7:44 pm: What does the current world champion say just before the race? “I have to stay focused and do my job,” explained Verstappen sky: “The weather is good. But we were good at rain and drought.” It will be exciting to see how Dutchman Fernando Alonso tries to keep himself away in the first corner.

Update June 19, 7:28 PM: It starts in 32 minutes. The cars are still being finalized and slowly being pushed back to the starting position. The weather is looking great, lots of sun and blue skies – and 19 degrees. So no rain running!

Formula 1: Who will win the Canadian Grand Prix? Red Bull boss gives tip

Update June 19, 7:06 PM: Today there are 70 laps on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Who has the staying power and what is important in Canada today? “This is one of the toughest courses because the brakes are under a lot of stress,” said Red Bull boss Helmut Marko sky: “Ferrari will be the closest competitor, maybe Leclerc will have some luck with a safety car. It will be important.”

Update from June 19, 6:53 pm: Many eyes will be on Mick Schumacher today. After all, Schumi Jr. is on P6, which will make possible his first championship point in his F1 career. Important because Schumacher has recently been heavily criticized.

“It takes a lot of pressure, and the pressure is just there,” said Uncle Ralph on Sky, showing Mick what he can do. It is no coincidence that he became Formula 2 and Formula 3 champion.” Haas boss Günther Steiner is also pleased. “The whole team did a great job, both drivers were always calm,” said the South Tyrolean, who was “as much as possible”. Ho expects to be able to maintain that good condition”.

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Update from June 19, 6:11 pm: The Canadian Grand Prix starts in less than two hours. Looks like the weather is up tonight, we currently have 17 degrees in Montreal and no rain. We’re excited to see what it will look like at launch.

Formula 1: Canadian GP in live ticker – Mick Schumacher in front of a historic moment

First report from June 19, 4 pm:

Munich/Montreal – The Canadian Grand Prix in Formula 1 is coming up – and Mick Schumacher can do something historic at the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve in Montreal!

His mother Corinna hugged Schumacher, Haas team boss Gunther Steiner was overjoyed, and Ferrari also congratulated their youngster: the 23-year-old effectively weathered the mounting pressure with his best qualifying result ever in Formula 1. Called out

Formula 1: Canadian GP in live ticker - Mick Schumacher in front of a historic moment
Mick Schumacher in front of Formula 1: Canada GP in live ticker – a historic moment © IMAGO / Motorsport Images

By placing sixth on the grid in Montreal, the son of record world champion Michael Schumacher set a highlight and can expect his first free World Championship point (8 a.m. CEST) in the race.

Formula 1: Mick Schumacher shows off his critics – with Vettel problems

“Of course, it’s good to have a good result. To build something. It shows that I am here for a good cause,” said Schumacher, who was recently criticized after serious accidents in Jeddah and Monaco .

He wants to do his “best” in the race to maintain his position – after all, top-class drivers like George Russell (Mercedes), World Championship runner-up Sergio Pérez (Red Bull) and World Championship third Charles Leclerc (Ferrari). Behind him are starting in the top cars.

Surprisingly, the veteran Fernando Alonso is on the front row of the grid for the first time in ten years. On the other hand, former world champion Sebastian Vettel was not at all in qualifying on the slippery track in Canada. “It can’t happen,” the southern Hesse native radioed his Aston-Martin command post: “I had no grip,” insisted Vettel and reacted clearly annoyed: “Oh, Maan.”

Would it be better to race on a Sunday evening? We will know more from 8 pm onwards. (SMK/SID)

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