Frank Bushman on Mirza Bose: “Attention, Mom!” , Entertainment

Frank Bushman on Mirza Bose: "Attention, Mom!"  ,  Entertainment

“Attention, mom!” ,

“Buschi” lay down bad with mirza

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He had more than one ace on his arm.

Several deceptive maneuvers await the prime guessing round of “Show Me Your Voice” again on Sunday evening. Eight candidates pretend to be professional singers – but some of them don’t have that melodious voice, instead of the high singing skills behind them.

It was to be anticipated by “Let’s Dance” juror Jorge Gonzalez (54), singer Max Mutzke (41), comedian Mirza Bose (50), singer Thomas Anders (59) and backing duo Tanza and Stefan of the game. Reporter Frank Bushman (57) will be traced.

But it was “Buschi” who really got into trouble when it came to the game!

Frank Bushman wearing a DJ hat sits at the rate panel

Photo: Stephen Gregorovius / RTL

However, first of all, it was necessary to clarify the job title of the candidates. The woman “Trakey” was confused: “What is that? A name, or what is that?”

The Trekkie candidate then wondered with a beautiful voice and literally blew Frank Bushman’s socks off: “What did he do to us?”

Bushman then focused very precisely on the “tennis player”, paying careful attention to his movements during a tennis game in “3-2-1 Ton A”, a video about the candidate.

The decision of the sports presenter was ruthless: “She can’t play tennis properly. So not really good.”

Music star Thomas Anders became known for Modern Talking with Dieter Bohlen

Music star Thomas Anders (formerly Modern Talking)

Photo: Stephen Gregorovius / RTL

However, Thomas Anders claimed to be a professional singer. Bushman didn’t disagree: “When you sit next to publishers, you have to learn. I’m learning a lot. Thank you very much. It’s a singer. Point.”

It’s just stupid that she’ll have to give up her decision again, Mirza Bose patiently explained the rules to her: “But you also said that she’s definitely not a tennis player. But if she’s a singer, she definitely has to be one.” Must be a tennis player. Logic. I was careful.”

Can she sing or not?  The jury is divided on the tennis player

Can she sing or not? The jury is divided on the tennis player

Photo: Stephen Gregorovius / RTL

That didn’t suit Bushman at all, he asked Bose: “Attention, Mother! Mother… take care.”

And then he posed in tennis poses, while his teammate was annoyed: “Did you just call me mommy?” That was table tennis. Tennis is a swing sport.”

With Mirza Bose, this explanation did not go down well, she only dryly remarked: “I play tennis. Sit back!”

Mirza Bose doesn't let her colleague Frank Bushman say anything

Mirza Bose doesn’t let her colleague Frank Bushman say anything

Photo: Stephen Gregorovius / RTL

In a full playback round, in which first good and then supposedly bad sounds can be heard, the tennis player dares to “I’m set on head-to-toe love”—and cause earaches among speculative celebrities. made.

Bose now claimed: “She can’t sing. When the beautiful voice came, you could see that she felt completely at home in it and enjoyed doing it. And then her own voice came and she Thought: Yes guys, I can’t do it, but here I stand.

Professional singers Max Mutzke and Thomas Anders were also sure: this tennis player is a swindler.

Laura Vontora hosted the show.  Winners Tanja and Stephen are now on their own

Laura Vontora hosted the show. Winners Tanja and Stefan now want to keep their “Laura” in their garage

Photo: Stephen Gregorovius / RTL

But the guessing couple Tanja and Stefan did not heed the advice of the stars. He sent the tennis player to the final and thus a duet with Thomas Anders – and in the end he was amazed. In a slower version of Take That’s “Could It Be Magic”, the tennis player impresses with a professional singing voice and makes the guessing couple 25,000 euros richer.

Tanja and Stefan would like to invest the profit in a new car, which they would like to name after Laura, the moderator of the evening.

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