Free Apps: These professional apps are currently available for free – April 2022

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You can currently get many regular paid apps for free in the App Store. Whether Android or iPhone – we show what professional apps are currently available for free.

Update from April 1, 2022: The iPhone app “Starlight – Explore the Stars” is new on the list. With the Astronomy Program you discover the constellations, planets and more. You also get the Windows and Mac app “VideoProc Converter” for free. Video software has useful functions for editing and converting videos. Netzwelt readers can get the program completely free until April 5. Of course, there are other free apps in our overview as well.

Free Apps: Current Free Offers in the App Store

There are now millions of free apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store. You often have to pay for popular and particularly good apps or games. But time and again developers provide such applications temporarily free of cost. Below we’ll keep you updated on the currently free apps for iOS and Android.

Free iOS Apps: These apps are currently free

The App Store has significantly fewer free apps than Google Play, so the associated discount campaigns by developers are all the more interesting. You’ll find currently free iOS apps in the following gallery.

For Gallery: iOS apps currently available for free >>

Starlight - Explore the Stars

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iOS Apps Currently Available for Free

iOS Apps Currently Available for Free

Like you iOS apps are installed on your iPhone or iPadYou can find out in the linked instructions.

Free Android Apps: These apps are currently free

Google Play currently has a number of free Android apps that you would otherwise only get for a fee. In the following gallery, we present the mentioned apps as well as other currently available free apps in more detail and guide you through how to download them.

For Gallery: Android Apps is currently available for free >>

home workout pro

picture series

Android apps currently available for free

Android apps currently available for free

It is not known how long this offer will last. That’s why you should secure free apps as soon as possible. Like you android apps Installed, you can find out in the linked instructions. Tip: New free Android apps are usually released for the weekend. Set your bookmarks! We always have the latest Android apps downloaded on time.

nothing for you? No problem! We present you in our large app overview Best Apps and Games for iOS and Android from all possible categories.

In-app purchases and permissions

Many apps and games now offer optional in-app purchases. It can be used to book additional material or works for a fee. Especially when children use such applications, it can sometimes lead to unwanted costs. If you fear the cost trap, we recommend that you have a so-called third-party lock set up by your mobile phone provider.

It can be used to simply and efficiently stop purchases through mobile phone bills. Alternatively, iPhone or iPad can also be used adjust screen time accordingly, Parental controls prevent unauthorized individuals from making these types of purchases.

Also, you should always check whether you grant permissions for apps and games. For example, if a game wants full access to your cell phone, including phone or SMS, you should pay attention.

If you have doubts about an authorization, it is better to deny the application access. App stores are always full of apps and games that try to access data in the background.

Best Apps: These Are Our Favorites

There are several million apps, not all of them free or available for free, thanks to the hype. We have selected the best and present them to you. Our favorites from Weather, Navigation, Gaming & Company:

By the way: should you have one If you don’t like the app, you can return it to iOS within a certain period of time., Follow the steps in the linked guide. In another article we’ll tell you where you are cheap credits for app store can secure.

Note: At the time of publication of this article, the app was offered for free. However, since many promotions do not have an explicit duration, the developer can terminate them at any time without notice.

Incidentally, it’s not just paid apps that are often temporarily free. Developers sometimes offer otherwise paid games for PC, PS4, Xbox or Nintendo Switch. So that you do not miss out on these sports gifts, we will inform you about these offers in the following articles:

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