Further updates are unlikely, for good reason

Further updates are unlikely, for good reason

stardew valley continues to gain great popularity. One-man developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barron’s farming RPG has received release on a variety of platforms and has been expanded with frequent updates so far. Now there is a good and bad news for the fans.

Stardew Valley not likely to update further

Bad news first: Eric Barone is unsure whether there will be any further updates for “Stardew Valley.” He confirms that none are currently in active development, although he does have some ideas, such as the possibility of marrying other NPC characters. However, there was a lot of work involved – too much for the Baron at this time.

But now we come to the good news: Barron claims there’s no time For more Stardew Valley updates, but with good reason. Because ConcernedApp is currently focusing on developing a brand new game. Fans of “Stardew Valley” should look forward to his new game, which he puts in a lot of time. After all, he’s been working on the Farming RPG for a decade, and now he wants to focus on the new project.

Stardew Valley can be preprogrammed. The manufacturer wants to focus on its new game. Ā© Chucklefish / Eric Barron

What is known about the new game?

The Baron hasn’t said much about this yet. they say it’s a Another Pixel Art Game one in up-down-perspective will work. It is also considered similar to “Stardew Valley”, but no farming game. Moreover, it is already known live in the same world Happening It is unclear when exactly the new game will be introduced.

Furthermore, Barron pointed out that he was at least still on. one more game Work. There is no information about this yet, but it may also be related to the world of Stardew to some extent.

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We’ll explain why the creators of Stardew Valley should definitely try a horror game in this article.

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