Gas turbine for Nord Stream 1 still in Mülheim

Gas turbine for Nord Stream 1 still in Mülheim

According to Siemens Energy, the turbine for the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 1 is still sealed and ready for use at Mülheim an der Ruhr. But there is no movement, said a spokesman for the company in Munich. Russia continues to dig into documents with incomparable justification. According to the information provided, the turbine has to be transported by truck – so the current problems of inland waterway transport with low water levels also played no role.

Russian energy company Gazprom has been shutting down its gas supply through Nord Stream 1 since June, citing the lack of a turbine that combines with others to create pressure to pump gas. The turbine was serviced in Canada, but has been in Germany since mid-July. Gazprom criticized the lack of information about the repair, with Siemens Energy dismissing the allegations.

During a visit to Mülheim two weeks ago, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Russia was using the pretext to cut gas supplies in breach of contract. The turbine can be used and delivered at any time: “It is clear that nothing, absolutely nothing, does not stand in the way of further transportation of this turbine and its installation in Russia.”

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