German Television Awards 2021: Here’s to the celebration of love! – People

German Television Awards 2021: Here's to the celebration of love!  - People

Love is celebrated here – and its result…

At the 22nd ceremony of the “German TV Awards” in Cologne on Thursday, three soon-to-be moms proudly presented their baby bumps with singer Sarah Engels (28), presenter Janna Schöllermann (34) and actress Birte Glng (41) . Sarah to Build: “There’s still a few weeks left in the birth. I can’t just sit at home all the time.”

Karina Maros (58) and Thomas Gottschalk (71) smooched on the red carpet like new lovers.

bald mama sara englishPhoto: Getty Images

With such a spring spirit in September, the hero of the evening, the presenting legend Hep Kerkling (56), almost faded into the background. He received an honorary award for his life’s work.

Kerkling to Build: “After 16 months at home, we’re glad we can all see each other here again and celebrate. Everybody says I look too young. The last time I heard that was when I was 11 years old.”

Honorary Award Winner: Hep Kerkling

Honorary Award Winner: Hep KerklingPhoto: Getty Images

TV awards presenter Barbara Schönberger (47) also praised Kerkling loudly: “He is the light man of German television with divine humour.”

“Let’s Dance” judge Jorge Gonzalez (54) also provided bling-bling in a flash—with a new platinum blonde hairstyle and quirky “flash glasses.”

He told Bild: “I like to be colourful. The world is already pretty much black and white.”

Caution, speed camera (glasses)!  George Gonzalezzo

Caution, speed camera (glasses)! George GonzalezzoPhoto: Getty Images

Fashion designer Guido Maria Kreischmer (56) observed the female guests especially closely and was amazed at the scantily-dressed: “It’s an open-air event this evening. I’m curious to see how some people are going to arm themselves against the cold with their thin knit jackets.”

All in Black: Fashion Designer Guido Maria Kretschmer

Watched very carefully: fashion designer Guido Maria KretschmerPhoto: Getty Images

At least the rain was God’s mercy. While it stormed and blew away during dress rehearsals the night before, it remained dry during the show.

These celebrities were also celebrated at the German Television Awards

Expecting Children: Jan and Thor Schöllermann

Expecting children: Jan and Thor Schallermann (36)Photo: Getty Images

Comedian Ralph Schmitz (46)

Comedian Ralph Schmitz (46)Photo: Getty Images

Schospielerin Aylin Tezel (37)

Schospielerin Aylin Tezel (37)Photo: Getty Images

RTL presenters Maurice Gajda (38) and Angela Finger-Erben (41)

RTL presenters Maurice Gajda (38) and Angela Finger-Erben (41)Photo: Getty Images

Actress Jenny Elvers (49)

Actress Jenny Elvers (49)Photo: Getty Images

Influencer and LGBTQI icon Ricardo Simonetti (28)

Influencer and LGBTQI icon Ricardo Simonetti (28)Photo: Getty Images

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