Gil Ofrim deleted his Instagram account

Gil Ofrim deleted his Instagram account


April 04, 2022 – 9:48 am Watch

The Leipzig Public Prosecutor has charged Gil Ofrim (39) with defamation. In October 2021, the 39-year-old in a video clip on Instagram accused a Leipzig hotel employee of anti-Semitic insults to her. However, the allegation could not be proved, to the contrary: the allegation is now directed against Ofrim, as we show in the video above. The musician has now apparently deleted his social media accounts himself. In the eyes of the Prime Minister of Saxony Michael Kreischmer (CDU) Gil Ofrim has “harmed the Jewish community” with his false claims.

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Gil Ofreem deleted his Instagram account

Gil Ofrim tears up his Instagram account in October 2021 about the alleged anti-Semitic scandal at a Leipzig hotel. Now he is being investigated. And both his Instagram account and the singer’s Facebook profile have not been accessible since the late afternoon of March 31.

Gil Ofrim’s Instagram account is no longer available.


Michael Kreischmer: Gil Ofrim “harmed the Jewish community”

Michael Kreischmer criticizes Gil Ofrim.

Michael Kreischmer criticizes Gil Ofrim.

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“It is the worst thing to call someone anti-Semitic,” said Michael Kreischmer on Thursday in Dresden. defamed the hotel, the city and Saxony, but also harmed the Jewish community,” said the prime minister of Saxony. “At least you can expect an apology – even from those who have jumped to conclusions and are prejudiced,” Kreischmer thinks.

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He pointed out that the trust that has grown between Germans and Jews over the past few decades is not a matter of course, but “a high and valuable asset, a value that we will not allow to be destroyed.”

Joseph Schuster, President of the Central Council of the Jews, On the current developments said that the indictment has been noted. “By relying on our rule of law, it is important that no bias is created,” Schuster said. The Central Council of the Jews will take further proceedings at the Leipzig Regional Court with interest.

The alleged anti-Semitic incident was not said to have taken place.

After an extensive investigation, the Leipzig Public Prosecutor’s Office charged Gil Ofrim with false suspicion and defamation., The alleged anti-Semitic incident at Leipzig Hotel “The Westin” did not take place as the musician described it in a video recorded on October 4, 2021 and later posted on Instagram. After that, a hotel employee is said to have asked her to take off her necklace with the Star of David, otherwise she was “not allowed to check in”. (DPA/CSP)

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