Glumberland’s Ooblets Coming to Nintendo Switch • Nintendo Connect This Summer

Glumberland's Ooblets Coming to Nintendo Switch • Nintendo Connect This Summer

In the current Indie World presentation, Nintendo, along with partner studios and publishers around the world, reveals new details about 20 upcoming indie games for the Nintendo Switch.

Players breed and train adorable little creatures, Ooblets, as they build a life for themselves in the thriving community of Abzeichnitz. You can customize your character, make friends with local people, decorate your home, craft items, open a shop, or dance in hot contests. They have the opportunity to dress up their fellow Oblates in fancy clothes, play mini-games, and explore multiple locations, each with unique characters, quests, items, and oblates.

in oblates You will find lots of new friends! Upgrade your farm, raise quirky little creatures, participate in dance duets, design your own home and help the mayor save Abzichnitz!

key features:

  • Personalize your character with a variety of custom clothing items and accessories.
  • Grow unusual crops on your farm, cultivate Koblinarian specialties and sell them in town.
  • Assemble your own Oblate team, participate in card-based dance duets, level up and unlock new moves.
  • Daily challenges, dance contests, townspeople quests and badges – there’s so much to do!
  • Make gifts and make friends for some of Abzeichnitz’s eccentric residents.
  • You start out living in a dilapidated shack, but soon it turns into a beautiful home with customized decor and furniture.
  • Open your shop in the city and sell the stuff you made or found.
  • Play tons of fun mini-games.
  • Help the mayor save the city while uncovering the secrets of Boredom.
  • Explore different areas with your slot machines including the bustling resort of Port Voren, the spooky swamps of nowhere and the frozen peaks of Spitsbergen.
  • (And you can pet Ooblets too!)
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